Established Distributor & Facilitation Provider 

of Mobile Phones and FMCE


Our Ongoing Distribution specializes in the distribution of Mobile Phones, IT, Wearables, & Consumer Electronics. We serve as a Distribution, Corporate, and Organized Trade Fulfilment partner, along with being an Online Channel Partner. Additionally, we act as a C&F Partner, Service Provider, and Logistics Partner for various brands, playing a crucial role in the international trade facilitation for Ingress & Egress Fulfilment.

Migital is actively involved in handling Government Orders, Govt. Departments Tenders, and partnerships with Public Sector Units (PSUs). We are also engaged in direct contracts and tenders related to government initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to contributing to public projects.


We have developed strong relationships and effective liaisons with various State and Central Governments. With direct connections to government departments throughout the country, we are well-positioned in Govt. related activities. Recently, we have expanded our scope by participating in GEMS-related contracts for different SKUs, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to evolving industry demands. 

Moreover, Migital has expertise in software solutions through in-house development, specializing in security-enabled solutions for mobile devices. We provide a range of services including Hardware-Software integration, Hardware - IOT solutions, and ITES - related services. As part of our forward-looking strategy, we are venturing into Smart Devices enabled Smart City Projects solutions, demonstrating our focus on innovation and emerging technologies.


Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize your experience by delivering quality products, prompt services, and personalized attention. Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it's our driving force.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing ensures you receive top-quality products at the best market rates. Experience affordability without sacrificing quality, making us your cost-effective choice.

Impeccable Reputation

A track record built on trust and excellence. Our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has forged an impeccable reputation.

Logistics, Deliveries & Payments

Speed meets efficiency in our seamless operations. Experience swift logistics, lightning-fast deliveries, and streamlined payment processes.

Best Locations

Strategically positioned for excellence. Our presence in prime locations ensures optimal access, efficiency, and convenience.

Wide Product Range

Discover diversity in every choice. Our extensive product selection offers a wide range to cater to varied preferences.


Large Investments

Proactive Logistics

Swift Payments

Wide Product Range

Inventory Stocking

Stocks Insurance

Bank Guarantees

Financial Modeling


  • Brands Distribution - 17+
  • Team Size - 46 +
  •  State Presence  - 08 States               
  • Fulfilment Coverage - 1280+
  • Distribution Network - 170+
  • Logistics Network - 17 States


Our organization thrives on a foundation of excellence, upheld by a highly experienced management team that navigates the complexities of the business landscape with finesse. The core of our success lies in the seamless integration of various specialized teams.

Our relationship managers, coupled with an aggressive sales fulfillment team, forge strong connections with clients, driving the success of our ventures. On the logistical front, we boast a professional team dedicated to ensuring smooth operations and timely clearance. The mobile and connected delivery team ensures that our services reach clients efficiently.

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