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MevoFit Fitness Tracker

Get the MevoFit Fitness Tracker App to track your daily activities like walking and running with a simple-to-use activity tracker app and combining it with any of the MevoFit Fitness Bands for going Pro with accuracy and convenience. Each Fitness Watch of MevoFit is compatible with this App and will let you monitor your daily, weekly & monthly activities and overall fitness tracking with progress to get you fit and in shape fast.

Calories Counter & Diet Plans

Tracking calories plays a crucial role in a successful weight loss program! Download the most user-friendly app to track your calories, exercise, and weight to stay fit. It is the most fun and effective weight loss program - simply download the app, setup your profile/goals and track your foods and exercise easily.

Healthy Diet & Workouts

If you want to lose weight, get fit, get in shape, change your lifestyle or start on a low-calorie diet plan to lose weight, you'll love MevoFit. MevoFit uses the verified principles of calorie tracking to help you reach your weight loss goals. Start now: input profile details along with your target weight to get your daily calorie allowance. Simply log your food, exercise programs & weight to succeed. Believe us there's no easier app which can help you to reach your weight loss goals.

Water Reminder to Lose Weight

Drinking right amount of water is very important to keep your skin healthy and boost the weight loss process. But do you actually drink enough water everyday? Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight will help you in tracking your daily water intake and will gently remind you when to drink it. It’s time you create the right water drinking habits to improve your health.

Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit

Whether it is your first run or you are a pro at running, Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit provides you with anything and everything you need for a good run. Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit helps you in reaching your fitness goals by boosting your running training. There is no better app to track your walks, jogs and runs. Join the running community and get tips from the experts to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon, want to lose weight or accomplish your set goals for 5K, 10K, 15K run this app is just perfect for you.

Astro App by Sundeep Kochar

Astro App by Dr. Sundeep Kochar for Astrology and Horoscope (The Nostradamus of India) is the door to your Future in 2020 with accurate Predictions by the Astrologer who is one of the most well known Guru of Astro Cafe or Astro TV Star. Doctor Sundeep Koachar, often spelled as 'Sandeep' or 'Kochhar' is the go-to doctor for daily astrology for most , Film & Cricket, Stars, Celebrities, Industrialists, & the biggest personalities of the World including many Presidents and Rulers. If you know the big Stars, they know Sandeeep, The King of Astro Predictions.

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

Download this AppLock APK for Free & Protect all your Apps including system apps and lock and hide all your Private Data including Photos, Videos, including HD, files, and all others, with this private password, pin or pattern protected app. Apps Lock & Gallery Hider that can lock any system or downloaded app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy. It is the One App that's enough to take care of all your phone's privacy needs!

Photo FX: Photo Editor

“PHOTO MAGIX” is a free Photo Editor, Drawing Tool, Photo Grid, Collage Maker & more. It’s a one-stop shop for all your artistic & editing needs, which helps you to easily beautify your regular Pics! 1. Photo Editor - Fun & Powerful Tool to Enhance & Add style to any photo! 2. Collage Maker - Collages in photo grids, free form, or with photos in the background. 3. Social Network - Easily share your images with your friends & loved ones!

App Maker for YouTube Channel

Create apps for your YouTube Channel simply by converting your videos on YouTube with this App Maker. You may have a lot of exciting and engaging videos on your channel, but an app can boost your users, views, subscribers and revenues immensely, and thereby helping you monetize your channel on YouTube and viral your videos much further.

TM Restaurant App Maker

You can now have a look on what the restaurant is offering you and also all the other options like how to book your seat or contact information, information regarding the menu & all the facilities provided. For this you just need to go for load app & you can view app of any of your cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Continental, American & many more.

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