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Calories Counter

Tracking calories plays a crucial role in a successful weight loss program! Download the most user-friendly app to track your calories, exercise, and weight to stay fit. It is the most fun and effective weight loss program - simply download the app, setup your profile/goals and track your foods and exercise easily.

App Description

Tracking calories plays a crucial role in a successful weight loss program! Download the most user-friendly app to track your calories, exercise, and weight to stay fit. It is the most fun and effective weight loss program - simply Download Calories Counter & Diet Plans By MevoFit App

  • The app is the perfect calorie intake calculator journal using which you can plan, count calories & nutrients, track exercises and make better food choices.
  • This app is your 24*7 nutritionist in your pocket, which is always ready to help, train and provide the right coaching.
  • This app is a great finding! It combines healthy food advice & works out plans so neatly. Calorie counting is amazing.
  • The app helps you to change your view on health regime completely. It is your personal trainer coach which will transform your physical training workouts & exercise.
  • Mevofit is an amazing, best free weight loss app with calories tracker, extreme fitness exercises, running, & gym workout routines tracker, healthy recipes, workout challenges & more for quicker weight loss at home & gym.
  • Losing weight will never be more delicious and fun when you have a great app that is a mine of healthy recipes which has selected recipes only for those who are looking to get back into shape.
  • We hope that you'll love this Calories Counter & Diet Plan by Mevo. We aim to make this app the world's most simple to use yet effective weight loss app which will help you lose weight, tone up, get healthy diet recipes, change your habits or just live a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a weight loss & fitness app which includes all the manifolds angles of fitness we recommend you to download the full version of this app now - MEVOFIT.
  • You can also connect your Mevofit band to synchronize all your physical activities on this app and go on with your daily exercise and fitness routine. In case you fall short of information, low-fat recipes and the right exercise plan, we have everything for you. In the calorie counter app, you can find the weight-loss exercise plans designed specially by fitness experts to help you lose weight and burn more calories with fewer efforts.
  • You can also view your daily, weekly, monthly report of how well you are performing and the number of calories you are burning to achieve the fitness you have been longing for. This app combines all the aspects of health and fitness along with taking care that we all need delicious food no matter what. So in this app, we have rolled out specialist 'mission-based' health & fitness apps that help in making the maximum bang in minimal concentrated efforts.

Full features of the app - Calories Counter & Diet Plans By MevoFit

Daily Calorie allowance

Set the number of calories that you want to take in to stop yourself from consuming any extra number of calories that might lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. You can easily set the limit the of calories and along with this you can also log the food and drinks you have taken to count the excess number of calories if you have

Diet Plan and Hand-picked and tested recipes

It is so difficult to find the perfect food to lose weight quickly, but with the honest guidance, you can easily do that without much hassle. So at fit bites, you get the best recipes that there can ever be, you just have to name it, be it low-fat rice dish, soup recipes, low-calorie chicken recipes for those who need a daily dose of protein without consuming a huge number of calories.

Tons of free healthy recipes

Exclusive weight-loss recipes are loaded in calorie counter and diet plan app which is boon in long run in getting back into shape and lose weight with weight-loss meal plans and low-fat diet recipes which not only takes heavenly but also weights extremely low on calorie scale. Exercising to lose weight is hard enough, dieting shouldn't be. Fit bites are the ultimate source of delicious weight-loss recipes.

Blog support

It all burns down to the support and services you get when you rely on anything for your health and fitness. So, in calorie counter app we give you the right support anyone might ever need, every possible tips and trick that there ever can be in our blog section. Browse through the health and weight-loss encyclopedia to increase your awareness and knowledge about fitness and weight-loss

Credits to earn through the app

Finally, there is an app that pays you to get fit, all you have to do is earn credits by completing daily tasks on the Calorie counter and diet plans app. You can also refer the app to your friends to earn more rewards. To earn rewards all the tasks you need to do is log your exercise routine, food and drinks intake and your weight. Come daily to earn more credits, log your daily activities on the app and be more social to stay in the race of earning rewards which can be used to purchase cool merchandise.

Food and Exercise Log

Weight-loss is not too difficult a task if you have a constant and proper monitoring on your diet and eating habits along with the comparison between the number of calories that need to be burnt and the number of calories you are burning. So, when you log your exercise schedule, eating routine and the drinks you are consuming, we count the number of calories you are consuming and the number of calories you are burning, so to help you stay on the track of designated calorie intake per day to make weight-loss easier.

Water reminder

A strong metabolism is the background process which takes place in our body and makes calories to burn faster, and a good metabolism comes from water intake at regular intervals of time. We all forget to drink water continuous intervals throughout the day. So in calorie counter app, you can set the water reminder to never skip your daily water sip.

Go social

Why workout alone when there many other people trying to get into shape and are just like you. Be a part of an active community who targets to get as active and fit as you want to be. Share live status, learn from the experience of others, share your concerns and doubts on the community page with like-minded people.

Weight Tracker

Keeping an eye on your weight is very important, well how else you will know whether you are losing weight or not? So in weight tracker section, you can log your weight time to time to see charts and statistics of how well are losing weight. You can view the graphical representation of your weight loss cycle to help you keep working out harder to burn extra calories.

Premium AD-free version

Ads are annoying. Aren't they? But we have to put them to help the app keep running and stay ahead in the queue of best apps. But in the premium version of the app, we have blocked all the ads for you to have a smooth, non-interrupting session. Now there won't be any disturbance in the course of your health and fitness session.

How to use the app

How can healthy food help in losing weight?

Healthy food is a more important factor when it comes to losing weight, even more than exercise. So it is essential that you eat only less oily, spicy food which is high in nutritious content along with hygiene. Healthy food nourishes our body by providing essential nutrients and also helps in detoxification of body by flushing stored fat, excess sugars, and toxins which keeps our weight under control and eventually leads to losing weight only with a full healthy meal plan.

What kind of recipes and diet plan can I find in Calorie counter and diet plan app by Mevofit?

Fit bites may not have your favorite pizza and burger recipes, but it has something more delicious and completely health friendly food like soup recipes, chicken recipes, some low-fat sweet dish breakfast, dinner, snacks and all the kinds of recipes

How to use the social section of the mevofit app?

The social section is the way to be a part of active Mevofit community where you can post your any fitness related doubt. any fitness achievement or any other fitness related matter. Just open the social section and view the information and photos shared by other people in the community and stay connected.

How to earn more credits on Calorie counter and Diet plan app by Mevofit?

You can earn credits on Mevofit in two ways. First, completing the daily tasks like creating the everyday log, being more social on the app in a daily basis, playing quizzes, becoming a premium member, completing daily exercise challenges and following the recipe database. Second, you can earn credits by referring Mevofit app to your friends and family and help them also get fit through Mevofit.

How to redeem the credit points?

Once you have earned the sufficient number of credits, you can use them to redeem exclusive Mevofit merchandise such as Gym gear, t-shirt, bags, mevofit gear an lots more. You can buy this all without paying anything, absolutely free just by credits on the Mevofit app.

What is Mevofit drive?

Mevofit drive is nothing less than a fitness challenge which helps you analyse your fitness and weigh loss performance through our very own Mevofit fitness band. You can track your health through this fitness drive.

What the services included in the premium section of the app?

The premium sections hold a variety of services that are life-savers for those who are looking for a complete fitness solution. Following are the services in the premium section:

Unlimited Recipes - You can browse through an unlimited number of healthy, zero-calorie recipes which are not only a tasty treat but helps you lose weight quickly as well
Unlimited Diet plans - Now you don't have to go to a diet planner specialist and pay huge amounts to them when Calorie counter by Mevofit can do it all for you.
Remove Ads - We don't want any interruption while in you are in the midst of getting fir, so we have removed all the ads in the premium section.

How to earn more through the app?

The more you use the app and the more you refer the app to other people, the more you earn on the Mevofit app. You can check your credits on Mevo app in the credits section. There is a lot to purchase from the Mevofit store using these credit. So keep working hard, keep losing weight and keep winning amazing prices using these calorie counter credits.

How to synchronize the Mevofit fitness band with the calorie counter app?

You can connect your fitness easily, just go to the more section of the menu below. Select the Mevofit Drive - Fitness band option from there you can connect and synchronize your fitness band. To use more exciting features of your fitness band, you can also the Mevofit app.


Earn, learn and lose through this app. Learn your daily calories allowance, set targets to lose weight by burning extra calories easily with this Calorie Counter App, special weight-loss diet plans and earn credits by following the daily calorie chart. Get the best and latest support on how to lose weight easily and unlimited diet recipes to lose weight easily with daily calorie tracking. Want some more useful Health & FItness Apps? Try Gym Workout App for your Android phone now.