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Battery Saver & Phone Booster App

Use this superb Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone App to save $$$ on your Phone DATA & WiFi Costs without hampering your usage!


Smart Guard

Keep your files, messages, contacts, and folders hidden from intruders. Now you can secure all those secret files you had to delete fearing someone would find them in your mobile. Smart Guard App secures your files with your selected password.


Talking Clock

Those irritating alarm tones spoil your mood for a whole day? We bring you someone who will wake you up, with a human voice. And not just that You can select from many other melodic alarm tones, which will do anything but irritate you.


Apps Lock and Gallery Hider

Download this best AppLock APK for Free & Protect all your Apps including system apps and lock and hide all your Private Data including Photos, Videos, including HD, files, and all others, with this private password, pin or pattern protected app.



The reason why this app made it to the top of this list is the simple yet powerful interface it offers to protect your privacy against intruders. The features of this apps are so amazing that you’ll fall in love with it. Worried when someone borrows your phone? Now there’s no reason for your fear. App locker by migital locks system apps as well as downloaded apps to protect your personal media from unauthorized access.

You can download Apps Lock & Gallery Hider: AppLock, Gallery Locker from Google Play Store.


  • The best feature of this app is that it cannot be easily uninstalled by intruders.
  • It provides complete security on system as well as downloaded apps.
  • You can hide your entire gallery or selected images with the help of this app.
  • It provides two types of locks pattern and numeric pin. It also has a widget for easy locking/unlocking.
  • You can easily encrypt all your media with just a tap.
  • Expenses: Track every penny you spend, with details of each entry.


Smartphones are awesome devices that make our lives easy and simplified. The only drawback is the short battery backup. Luckily it's not something you gotta live with. Battery saver and phone booster is the best app when it comes to bring your battery back to life.

You can download Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone on Google Play Store.


This app contains the most amazing features that will juice up your battery to maximum potential and performance. It kills all the unnecessary processes associated with apps, while keeping the important functionalities like sync messages from your social accounts and e-mails as well. It can restrict the network connections (data connections) and smartly optimize your battery life.

It also optimizes the charge while you feed your drained battery. Not only the battery, but it also enhances the performance of your phone by cleaning the unwanted files and cache stored. It manages the RAM allocation of different applications and other system processes. In short, this app unveils the true potential of your phone's performance.


Super WiFi Manager is the best in class Wi-Fi scanner and manager available on google play-store A One Stop Shop, which brings together a lot of handy features, it's a perfect WiFi Manager for your phone. It analyzes the available networks and helps you in connecting to the best available router.

You can download Super WiFi Manager from Google Play Store.


  • It helps in creating hot-spot from your device and analyzes the data usage.
  • You can monitor all the devices connected to your network, it allows you to easily switch between available routers depending on the signal strengths.
  • You can track IP address of your connection and schedule the automatic switching on/off for Wifi on your device to save power and data.
  • This App has an easy to use interface and a useful widget.


Gone are the days when you needed to maintain a log on a diary to track your blood sugar levels! Diabetes tracker helps you to calculate & track your blood sugar level, insulin intake & a lot more things. It's one of the most amazing apps created by Migital.

You can download Diabetes Tracker from Google Play Store.


  • Glucometer: Diabetes tracker allows you to view current and average readings represented as a list or via detailed graphs and reports. Not only glucose levels but it also tracks your Blood pressure.
  • Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake and other Medicines. Schedule reminders that track your medicines & missed doses as well.
  • Doctors & Appointments: Manage your list of doctors and call them directly from the app. Maintain/view your Current and Previous Appointments so that you never miss any.
  • Diet & Exercise: Keep a track of what you eat to align with your diet goals. Depending on the type of your diabetes. Get personalized exercise instructions, from warm-up to basic exercises including yoga poses and aerobics to improve your overall health condition.
  • Reports: View reports of all modules in the App Reports section. Click a pic of and save all your health reports, in Lab Reports. Easily share them with your doctor.
  • Expenses: Track every penny you spend, with details of each entry.


Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water, and our vital organs like heart and kidneys are made up of more than 75% water. For your weight loss goals too, drinking enough water is essential, as it speeds up the metabolism. Hence, it is important that you keep your body hydrated. Drink Water Reminder is the best app in the category with mind blowing features that will take your fitness regime to the next level.

You can download Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight from Google Play Store and App Store.


It displays water intake in in both units, ml as well as oz. You can easily set reminders and customize your daily water intake requirement. This app lets you, analyze graphs and logs of your water intake. It also reminds you about Green tea to help you detox. Synchronizes with Google+, Facebook and Email and it enables you to backup and restore all your data.


Photo editing is an important part of photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or just a social media enthusiast. If you want the picture to deliver your message to the world, then you must enhance it in every way. Photo FX app by Migital provides the best in class tools to accomplish this. It has the best photo editor with various filters and visual effects.

You can download Photo FX: Photo Editor - Collage, Frames & Effects from Google Play Store.


  • This app has an impressive interface that makes it extremely easy to use.
  • It contains a variety of tools that help you greatly while editing /enhancing your pictures. It also has hundreds of visual effects to add in your photos, numerous stickers and emoticons to include in the picture for giving it a fun look.
  • Photo FX app allows you to import pictures directly from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and edit them.
  • It allows you to make extremely creative collages that are sure to capture the eye.


Smartphones can offer accessibility to various useful tools which greatly helps us in our day to day life. Above listed apps are the best tools for your smartphones which can help you in numerous tasks efficiently. These are the best apps in tools category which allows your smartphone to do much more than just chatting.