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Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar

Astro App by Dr. Sundeep Kochar for Astrology and Horoscope (The Nostradamus of India) is the door to your Future in 2020 with accurate Predictions by the Astrologer who is one of the most well known Guru of Astro Cafe or Astro TV Star.



Know about what your future says from the “Nostradamus of India”, the world-renowned Astrology guru, Celebrity Astrologer Sundeep Kochar. This Astro App will provide you with a daily feed of Astro updates online, with the efforts of your astrologer Sundeep analyzing your horoscope's stars position and planetary movement for your sun sign.

You can download Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar from Google Play Store.


This single app can enlighten you about your future using different astrology disciplines including Vedic astrology, horoscope analysis, palmistry and face reading. It gives predictions on Horoscope for daily, weekly and monthly predictions for every Sun Sign. Offers unique features like matchmaking and face reading.


This app is the crown jewel of Migital. It is your true workout trainer as well as fitness coach which guides you, using videos of Bodybuilding & Fitness training of every muscle group. It guides you with smallest of details that are often ignored, like sets, reps, rest between sets, etc.


This app gives you goal specific training routines, whether you want to be like swole like bodybuilders or lean like aesthetic models. It has training videos by professional athletes, for Major muscle groups (Chest, Lats, Core, Arms, and Quadriceps) as well as for minor muscle groups like (Calves, Serratus, Traps, Rear Deltoids, etc.)

It also includes challenges for keeping you motivated. Contains body-weight exercises so that you don't have to head to the gym for workout sessions.


A fit lifestyle is a key to a healthy life. Fitness is not an impossible thing to attain, it can be tricky though. Depending on the type of approach you have towards it. The most important factor in any fitness regime is guidance. Without proper guidance, it's almost impossible to reach your goals. However, when you have the right guidance these goals become easily achievable. Healthy 101 is a complete guide for your fitness goals.
You can download Healthy 101 : Daily Tips for Health & Weight Loss from Google Play Store & App Store.


Like an ideal health app, it gives you a complete guidance on your diet and nutrition, including the food ingredients that are beneficial for you, the calorie count of each food item, and much more. It also gives a detailed guidance on the workout schedules you need to follow for a lean and fit body. It's an all-rounder app for all your fitness needs.


Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water, and our vital organs like the heart and kidneys are made up of more than 75% water?

For your weight loss goals too, drinking enough water is essential, as it speeds up the metabolism. Hence, it is important that you keep your body hydrated. Drink Water Reminder is the best time tracker app in the category with mind-blowing features that will take your fitness regime to the next level.

You can download Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight from Google Play Store and App Store.


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness freak. Running is a great cardiovascular activity that’s beneficial in so many bodily functions like getting rid of unwanted metabolic waste present in our system and enhancing the blood circulation so that the nutrients and oxygen are transported to every part of the body, efficiently.

This is the best work tracker app to track and log your fitness regime. This is, in fact, the best sports activity tracker app. It is feature packed and is sure to motivate and guide you at every step. It’s more than just a regular fitness tracker app, it’s more of a personal trainer app always by your side.

You can download Run for Weight Loss by Mevo from Google Play Store & App Store.


  • You can easily track your run with it’s GPS guided system. It displays the distance you covered while your run and displays the other details like time is taken, calories burnt etc.
  • It guides you with different healthy diet options to improve your performance.
  • Groove to the music and play your favorite tracks while on the run. This app also logs and tracks your performance, and stores it for you to analyze it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Mevo provides you with all the performance enhancing guidance that’s necessary for you to optimize your performance.


Photo editing is an important part of photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or just a social media enthusiast. If you want the picture to deliver your message to the world, then you must enhance it in every way. Photo FX app by Migital provides the best in class tools to accomplish this. It has the best photo editor with various filters and visual effects.


  • This app has an impressive interface that makes it extremely easy to use.
  • It contains a variety of tools that help you greatly while editing /enhancing your pictures. It also has hundreds of visual effects to add in your photos, numerous stickers and emoticons to include in the picture for giving it a fun look.
  • Photo FX app allows you to import pictures directly from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and edit them.
  • It allows you to make extremely creative collages that are sure to capture the eye.


It’s an outstanding app for creating a collage. This best in class app is feature packed and has numerous color effects to give your pictures an attractive look and a unique professional touch. It gives you a lot of frames to choose from. Now you can create amazingly creative collages in a matter of few short minutes.

You can download Collage Magix from Google Play Store.


  • It has a large variety of frames available for your collage.
  • An extremely easy to use interface to help you create eye-catching collages in a considerably small amount of time.
  • This app offers various filters and effects that are absolutely free to use!
  • Easily share your creations on your favorite social media platforms.


Gone are the days when you needed to maintain a log on a diary to track your blood sugar levels! Diabetes tracker helps you to calculate & track your blood sugar level, insulin intake & a lot more things. It's one of the most amazing apps created by Migital.

You can download Diabetes Tracker from Google Play Store.


  • Glucometer: Diabetes tracker allows you to view current and average readings represented as a list or via detailed graphs and reports. Not only glucose levels but it also tracks your Blood pressure.
  • Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake and other Medicines. Schedule reminders that track your medicines & missed doses as well.
  • Doctors & Appointments: Manage your list of doctors and call them directly from the app. Maintain/view your Current and Previous Appointments so that you never miss any.
  • Diet & Exercise: Keep a track of what you eat to align with your diet goals. Depending on the type of your diabetes. Get personalized exercise instructions, from warm-up to basic exercises including yoga poses and aerobics to improve your overall health condition.
  • Reports: View reports of all modules in the App Reports section. Click a pic of and save all your health reports, in Lab Reports. Easily share them with your doctor.
  • Expenses: Track every penny you spend, with details of each entry.


This is the best fitness app if you want to lose weight and get in shape. It helps you in changing your lifestyle and keep you on a low-calorie diet plan suitable to lose weight. It's an app you'll fall in love with. It helps you in losing weight by planning your daily calorie intake by logging all your diet and provides you with weight loss tips It also logs your exercise programs and keeps a regular track of your weight. It is a remarkable app which also suggests you weight loss diet.

You can download Lose Weight Fast: MevoFit from Google Play Store


  • It has a calorie counter which is perfect for your diet and nutrition goals. It tracks everything you eat and gives you a quick insight into your overall caloric intake.
  • Step counter keeps an eye on all your physical activities. It calculates the total number of steps you took throughout the day. It can assist you with 50+ high-intensity workout plans and schedules
  • The food database of this app contains more than 5,00,000 + food items. It contains 1000+ healthy recipes.
  • Socialize with like-minded people of the network and participate in contests. This makes fitness more of a fun experience.
  • It allows you to synchronize your data with MevoFit Drive, Fitbit & Google Fit.


Tracking calories has never been so easy, introducing calories counter by MevoFit. It's one stop solution for all your fitness related goals. Download it for a successful weight loss program! This app is helpful for your fitness goals in numerous ways like it helps you in tracking your calories, exercise, and weight. It's simple and intuitive interface makes it the FASTEST & EASIEST FOOD TRACKER.

You can download Calories Counter & Diet Plans By MevoFit from Google Play Store & App Store.


  • Calorie counter app gives you access to amazing features like diet planner, workout planner, a macro calculator and much more.
  • You can get a personalized daily calorie goal based on the requirement of your body. It has a food database with over 500K items. C. It allows you to set meal reminders to keep your diet on track.
  • It’s not just a calorie counter app, it also has a step tracker which tracks your activity throughout the day,
  • The database contains 350+ exercise variants including Running, Walking, Swimming, Zumba, etc.


All the above-mentioned apps are best from their niche and are the must-have lifestyle apps from different categories. The advances features of all these apps and their extended functionalities make them a perfect partner for all your needs.