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Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar
Astro App by Dr. Sundeep Kochar for Astrology and Horoscope (The Nostradamus of India) is the door to your Future in 2020 with accurate Predictions by.....

App Description

Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar for Astrology and Horoscope (The Nostradamus of India) is the door to your Future in 2018 with accurate Predictions by the Astrologer who is one of the most well-known Gurus of Astro Cafe or Astro TV Star. Doctor Sundeep Koachar, often spelled as 'Sundeep' or 'Kochar' is the go-to doctor for daily astrology for most, Film & Cricket, Stars, Celebrities, Industrialists, & the biggest personalities of the World including many Presidents and Rulers.

  • Get Zodiac Astro predictions on Horoscope for daily, weekly and monthly predictions for every Sun Sign: 1. ARIES 2. TAURUS 3. GEMINI 4. CANCER 5. LEO 6. VIRGO 7. LIBRA 8. SCORPIO 9. SAGITTARIUS 10. CAPRICORN 11. AQUARIUS 12. PISCES
  • His fame in the world of astrology & horoscope glitters with numerous pre-recorded predictions around the world including United States Election results. He accurately predicted the winning of President Trump in the elections of 2016 of the United States, which left many in shock around the world, & the re-election of President Barack Obama for his second term, for which he is the only Indian Astrologer to be interviewed by Fox TV Radio US.
  • He is also the First & at this point the only Indian Astrologer to be interviewed by BBC and read the horoscopes of serving ‘President of India’ at ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan‘ & ‘Vice President of India’ at their official residences in India.
  • As featured on TV, Radio, News shows on BBC, Fox, ZeeTV, Ted, Wikipedia, Sahara, ARY SKY, Sundeep Kochar has appeared on regular programs like Bach Ke Rehna on Zee News, Guiding Star on ARY Digital Dubai, What’s your Rashi and Kismat Ke Sitare on Zee TV, in local & worldwide editions in the US, UK, India, & Dubai
  • He recently received 'Nostradamus of India Award' by Ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand in Bangkok in Nov 2016. The only Indian astrologer to be registered in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for hosting the longest-running astrology show ever on a national Television with 2,740 episodes, viewed in more than 120 countries globally.
  • Get insights to Future with the 'Astro App':
    - Vedic Astrology
    - Horoscope Analysis
    - Palmistry
    - Face Reading
  • You can also learn from within the app on the history of Vedic Astrology & what is the meaning of its various forms. Contact me within the Application today & get your future right with my Cafe Astrology
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Full features of the App - Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar

Vedic Astrology

Get daily astrology updates for every sun sign on the Astro app, find the prediction, do's and don'ts related to your daily lifestyle based on astrological sciences. Dr. Sundeep Kochar's astrological predictions are based on real facts, figures and scientific calculations. This is the app is an in-house solution to complete Vedic astrology news and daily updates for people of all zodiac signs.

Horoscope Analysis

Get an accurate and exact predictive analysis based on your planets and horoscope on the Astro app by Sundeep Kochar. Share your birth timings and other details and get precise recommendations for the gemstones, and guidance for all your big decisions in life and the problems you are going through using the astrological sciences.


Palmistry is an old art but not everyone has the knowledge to get it right and the formal education and experience to get it. In this app you can contact directly Dr. Sundeep Kochar, who is an expert in palmistry, he has provided guidance to big personalities, celebrities, and many such other persons.

Face Reading

Face reading is another such as required size Hai Precision and use of experience in psychology and astrology. Dr. Sundeep Kochar helps people solve their problems and provide guidance through face reading which is another horizon in the field of astrology and horoscope. You can avail services of face reading by contacting doctor Sundeep Kochar through a direct appointment.


Now you don't have to rely on any free services for matchmaking available online these days this app you can get the exact predictions for the matchmaking. Start the beginning of a new relationship with the consultation of highly this person in the field of matchmaking and predictive analysis.

Online appointment booking

Need consultation on a specific issue for a personal consultation with dr Sundeep Kochar? Now it is easier than ever to directly contact him and turn all your failures into success by following is right guideline and diving into the world of astrology. Book an appointment discuss any problem with Dr. Sundeep Kochar directly true disaster app and get the solution to all your problems without struggling to find the right astrologer everywhere.


Dr. Sundeep Kochar provides online consultation for all kind of astrology and horoscope related issues and matters. No matter how big or small is a problem he is always there to support his followers, we can chat or talk to me instantly in the online consultation that is available on this Astro app. Don't wait for any more to find the solution to your problems, get instant support and solutions to all your problems.

Ask a Question

It is an instant solution to all your problems where you can ask any question or doubt on the app. Fill the ask a question fields on the app and reach out for immediate direct online help from Dr. Sundeep Kochar and his expert team.

Kundli generation

Enter your name, birth date, time and place and instantly generate your detailed kundli using this all in one astrology support app. Get all the exact description, your full Kundli predictions and full details on spot on the Astro app by Dr. Sundeep Kochar.

Latest astrology news

Get trending news, information and the happenings of the Astro world exclusively on this app. Don't have the time to follow your favorite Astro shows? Don't worry now you have all the information about astrology, horoscope all the time on your phone and in your pocket.

How to use the App

How to chat online with Sundeep Kochar for astrology related problems?

To chat with Dr. Sundeep Kochar online about your all astrology related doubts on the app by using Online Consultation feature. Go the Online Consultation option and fill out the details and start chatting with Dr. Sundeep online.

How to get my predictive astrology and future predictions using the Astro app?

Now you can get your exact predictive astrology and horoscope predictions on this app in 2 simple steps. Go to menu and select Your Zodiac Today and select your sun sign from the options. Your entire predictions will be displayed there.

How to book an appointment with Dr. Sundeep Kochar using the Astro app?

You can book an appointment for a direct consultation with Dr. Sundeep Kochar directly through the app. All you have to do is go to Book appointment in the app and pay the fees with your preferred timings. You can book an appointment for Consultation over all your astrological matters.

How to generate the kundli?

To generate your kundli using the Astro app, go to the menu and select Generate Kundli option. Fill out all the details required to create your detailed Kundli and submit the details. Your detailed birth and full Kundli will be generated within seconds.

How to do matchmaking on the Astro app by Dr. Sundeep Kochar?

Do a precise and correct matchmaking using the Astro and find the most compatible person according to your personality traits based on your Kundli and astrological factors. To do a matchmaking, go to the menu and select matchmaking option, fill out the details and complete the process to get the predictions.

How to get daily updates and news on Astrology?

To get your daily dose of daily updates, news, trends and other stuff on astrology and horoscope, go to News Update on the app and find all the information as given by Dr. Sundeep Kochar. Get the latest news and trends about astrology and horoscope in this section.

How to get daily horoscope using the app?

To know your personal horoscope daily, go to your Zodiac Today section in the menu and get the daily predictions according to your sun signs anytime anywhere. You can use this daily horoscope to work smartly in your life and lead a happier and successful life.

How to view my bookings and payments?

To view your payment and to manage your bookings and consultation, go to the menu and select My Bookings option. You can manage all your bookings and payment related concerns here.

Are there any astrology and horoscope related videos by Dr. Sundeep Kochar?

Dr. Sundeep Kochar provides insights on astrology and horoscope to all his followers through the various medium like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc. To follow his videos, go to the menu and select his YouTube channel and never miss any video by him.

How to find more Astro stuff by Dr. Sundeep Kochar?

To find information shared by Dr. Sundeep Kochar by following him on his social media channels where he keeps posting and sharing valuable information with followers about astrology, life, and many other things. You can find the links to follow him on the menu.


Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar is an all in one Astro app by Dr. Sundeep Kochar where you can answer, solutions, consultation, and guidance on all the Astro services. Dr. Sundeep Kochar. Dr. Sundeeep Kochar is a world-renowned Astrologer who advises celebrities and famous people around the globe. Get the latest information, future predictions, horoscope predictions, astrological services, palmistry, face-reading, Kundli and matchmaking services. Book an online consultation or ask a question from Dr. Sundeep Kochar to solve all your problems. Want some useful Entertainment Apps? Want some useful Entertainment Apps? Try My YouTube Channel App Maker for your Android and for Apple phone now.