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Track Builder

Play this game of trains & tracks. Build train tracks before it's too late!!


The Theft Master

Make strategies to steal the most valuable antiques and become the Theft Master.


Crazy Hen Game

Crazy Hen Game game is a true test of how rapidly you can move in your mobile device.



An amazing action game by Migital. You want to be the kingpin of the underworld, but it’s never an easy task. You need to steal ancient and valuable relics to claim your position. You must infiltrate the premises of world’s most heavily guarded places, steal and get out unnoticed. You learn new moves with every successful mission and get a step ahead in this sin city.
You can download The Theft Master: from Google Play Store.


  • 450+ mind boggling levels which will keep to glued to your mobile screen.
  • 3 levels of game-play: Normal, Expert, Survival to make sure that it never gets boring.
  • This game has top-notch graphics and sound effects that’ll leave you awestruck.
  • Exercise your brain while fooling world’s best security systems.


Back to the good old days when we used to make tracks for our toy trains. This game refreshes those joyful memories. It is a fun train track builder game with exciting 500 levels. All you have to do, is lay down the tracks before time runs out. Test your track-building skills in the most extreme and challenging situations.
You can download Track Builder from Google Play Store.


  • Track Builder is an amazing game with 500 addictive levels.
  • It has 3 uniquely designed beautiful themes and 5 challenging modes of game-play.
  • It has mind blowing graphics with fun sound effects.
  • The interface is simple and extremely smooth.


Free-Run is an amazing parkour game with amazing 3D graphics and sound effects. The game-play is so smooth and realistic that you’ll get addicted to it. It’s a fun-filled game with a lot of thrill, perilous traps and reflex testing situations. You can perform professional acrobatic maneuvers in this game. It’s an endless entertainment source, just run and perform cool parkour tricks.
You can download Free Run - Its New York from Google Play Store.


Stunning visuals with 3D graphics and a smooth game-play makes it one of the best parkour games on play store. The player possesses multiple moves for dodging the obstacles during his run in new york city.


This is a train simulator game where you govern the overall construction of a train bridge. From the excavation of tunnels to heavy machinery operation like steam roller, cable crane, loading truck and much more. It’s a perfect simulator of real-life construction processes during the making of a train bridge. Be a part of this amazing project and be a little productive. The levels keep on getting challenging as you progress in the game.


Operate Heavy machinery in this life-like simulator game. It has a simple interface for smooth game control. High quality graphics and amazing sound effects make it even more attractive. The game replicates the most realistic environment of bridge construction. You can even drive the train once you’re done constructing the bridge.


A heroic ranger raccoon on a mission to save his clan. This game is amazing when it comes to controls and overall game-play. You get access to the most destructive weapons you can think of. So, just gear-up with your team and get going, kill those nasty zombies on your way. This game has 100+ interesting missions that’ll get you addicted to it.


Test your tactical skills as hordes of zombies attack your base. This game has a progressively evolving AI which studies your pattern and adjusts the difficulty accordingly. The graphics are stunning and sounds effects are decent. The overall game-play is extremely smooth.


You’re a black-ops commando who’s on a mission to finish the terrorist camps in the most dense forests of Vietnam. You and your team are equipped with most modern weapons that help you in pin-pointing and destroying the enemies wherever they hide.


50+ of challenging missions with increasing difficulty level, Game has great beautiful 3D graphics and environment. The more challenges you face the more you improve your sniper skills. Sound effects are extremely engaging. It includes modern weapons including Light Auto Machine Gun, Pistol or RPG.


Euro train track builders is a game that simulates the track construction processes. You need to operate heavy machinery like cable crane, steam rollers, excavation machine and loading trucks. Complete the track on time so that the transportation doesn’t get delayed. You can drive your locomotive once you’ve made the track.


Awesome 3D graphics make this game an amazing rail-road simulator experience. This game is available completely offline. This is a realistic copy of real-life railway constructions and is completely free. You get a complete experience of operating heavy machinery while laying the tracks. It has new and interesting challenges as you progress.


Adventure games are both thrilling & fun. They are extremely addictive and make sure that you never get bored. See the excitement going to the next level as you succeed. The best adventure games have made it to the top 3 of this list. Each one of them is amazing and worth downloading and playing with your friends.