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Drink Water Reminder
Use Water Drinking Reminder for weight loss, great skin, health & hydration

Drinking right amount of water is very important to keep your skin healthy and boost the weight loss process. But do you actually drink enough water everyday? Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight will help you in tracking your daily water intake and will gently remind you when to drink it. It’s time you create the right water drinking habits to improve your health.

App Description

Drinking the right amount of water is very important to keep your skin healthy and boost the weight loss process. But do you actually drink enough water every day? Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight will help you in tracking your daily water intake and will gently remind you when to drink it.

  • In our busy and hectic lives, we all forget to have our daily intake of water on a regular basis which leads to various problems like constipation, dryness, dehydration, laziness, deposition of toxins and many such other issues.
  • We try to overcome these problems by taking medication which definitely affects our health and pocket, but the point is here why not to work on the root cause of all these problems, i.e., to have a good amount to water daily.
  • Well, every person would like to maintain their youth and beauty, the secret to keeping the skin young forever is having lots of water every day which keeps the pores of our skin clean and detoxified and hence prevents premature aging. Apart from this, there are various reason for taking water daily.
  • Why should you have the right amount of water?

    1. Keeps your body hydrated.
    2. Helps to clear up your skin and have healthy skin.
    3. Helps in weight loss process as it is calories free.
    4. Speeds up metabolism levels.
    5. Promotes overall good health.

Full Features of the App - Drink Water Reminder

The easiest way to track your daily water intake.

Tracking your water will so much easier when you have a personal health assistant who will be there at the duty all day long to remind you to take your glass of water. All you have to set an alarm or reminder to keep yourself safe from forgetting to drink water the right way. Not only this you can also create a schedule to drink your hot cup of green tea to lose weight effortlessly and enjoy that light and active feeling all day long.

Supports both ML and OZ water units.

Small quantities when adds up makes a huge difference and in different geographical location, the quantities and sixes differ vastly which might be a problem to measure the right amount of water. So in the water tracker app, you can measure your water consumption as per your measurement be it in ML or OZ or any other unit, it only has to be right on water tracker app.

Easy to set reminders.

How much quantity, which unit, when to set, how to set, where to set etc you don't have to struggle with all these questions anymore when because water tracker app is quite easy to use and creating reminder is so easy that even a non-smart phone user can do it with ease. Simply set your water and green tea reminder and you are so good to go for all day long.

Customize your daily water needs.

If you have just begun your daily water drinking schedule, then it should not have to be compulsory for a beginner to drink 4 or 5 liters of water every day, they can start as per their comfort levels and their capacity. So set the daily quantity of water as per your capacity, so that it does not become very unpleasant for you to drink more water regularly, be free to choose your preferred amount of water.

On an average, a person should drink about 4-5 liters of water daily to keep all the body functions going pretty well, but is it about only drinking water or drinking it right? A healthy water drinking habit is about drinking equal quantities of water at regular intervals of the day. This is precisely where water reminder comes to your rescue so that you can never skip your glass of water. Tracking your daily water intake is very easy and quick with this Water Tracker App by Mevo. The total number of glasses can be easily customized as per your requirements. Supports both ML and OZ water units. Tracking your water intake will never get easier than this, that's why our users are loving this water reminder app because it keeps them cool and calm. Set your alarms, get the water going and discover the benefits of drinking water regularly.

View graphs and history logs of your water intake.

Woww, finally there is a chart and graphical representation which actually shows how much water have you actually drunk through a period of time. Isn't it essential to monitor your water consumption logs? It is definitely, how else will you ever know whether you are drinking the right and justified the number of liquids in your daily busy lives. So check your daily, weekly, monthly water consumption on the water tracker app.

Exclusive water tips to keep you motivated.

We get to hear a lot of tips on health, diet, weight-loss bodybuilding and son on, but do we hear tips on how to drink water correctly and how to drink more water without making it unpleasant for you. Water tracker app brings a whole lot of tips and tricks on water drinking that might help you in drinking more water and help you lose weight quickly and flush all the unwanted toxins out of your body.

Get credits to log water and use them to buy real merchandise from MevoFit shop.

Save your progress daily and log the number of glasses of water you have had to start earning rewards on water tracker app. How cool is that, you get to earn for drinking your water which will only improve your health. Use these credits earned to buy trending fitness merchandise from our Mevofit store which is exclusively only fitness freaks for absolutely free.

Log in with Google+, Facebook or Email to sync, backup and restore all your data.

How bad will it be if your app gets uninstalled or you switch to a better phone, all your data will get lost, right? Well, not anymore. Your water records will be safely recorded and will be backed up when you sign up using any of social plug-in. Drink more water rather worrying about the data-loss, think about weight-loss with this amazing app.

Go social

Why workout alone when there many other people trying to get into shape and are just like you. Be a part of an active community who targets to get as active and fit as you want to be. Share live status, learn from the experience of others, share your concerns and doubts on the community page with like-minded people. You can share your water records, health tips and anything on this overall fitness platform.

Premium AD-free version

Ads are annoying. Aren't they? But we have to put them to help the app keep running and stay ahead in the queue of best apps. But in the premium version of the app, we have blocked all the ads for you to have a smooth, non-interrupting session. Now there won't be any disturbance in the course of your health and fitness session.

How to use the App

How can drinking water help in losing weight?

Drinking a good amount of water is an important factor when it comes to losing weight, even more than exercise. So it is essential that you not only eat less oily, spicy food which is high in nutritious content along with hygiene but also drinks lots of water. Water hydrates our body by providing essential nutrients and also helps in detoxification of body by flushing stored fat, excess sugars, and toxins which keep our weight under control and eventually leads to losing weight only with a full healthy meal plan.

How to create a reminder for water and green tea on water tracker app.

Setting reminder or alert on water tracker of the app is quite simple, you just have to select the reminder option from the menu and can either select the default reminder settings or you can set the custom reminder by using the edit option, just the interval gap that you would like to have between your water sessions and save it.

How to use the social section of the water tracker app?

The social section is the way to be a part of active Mevofit community where you can post you any fitness related doubt any fitness achievement or any other fitness related matter. Just open the social section and view the information and photos shared by other people in the community and stay connected.

How to find the tips and information on water and health?

Go to the Tips menu at the bottom of your app and start reading the tips on water and lots of other information. You can also mark an article as "I've read this" to avoid it from coming at the top. Although you can always find the old articles in the read section of the tips page. Browse through the endless session of knowledge on health and fitness.

What is Mevofit drive?

Mevofit drive is nothing less than a fitness challenge which helps you analyze your fitness and weight loss performance through our very own Mevofit fitness band. You can track your health through this fitness drive and you get various other benefits like social support, fitness community and rewards and credits etc.

How to earn more through the app?

The more you use the app and the more you refer the app to other people, the more you earn on the water tracker app. You can check your credits in the credits section of the app. Share the app more with other people to help them consume the right amount of water and have a healthy lifestyle, also the more social you are on the app, the more you earn.

How to create my personal profile and edit it?

You can easily create a profile on water tracker ap to maintain health records and analyze your records. Simply go to the settings, select profile section and fill out all the important fields out there correctly and done, your profile is created without any trouble. You can also share your performance with your friends after you have created your profile.

How to remove ads from the water tracker app?

We need ads to keep the app going but the good thing is you can now easily remove ads from your app and enjoy the premium benefits of a valuable user of water tracker app. Just go to the settings, select remove ads and from there you can remove the ads. You can also redeem your credits to remove the ads from your app.


Simply download Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight App and it will make sure that you have the right amount of water today and every day and you are on right track to lose weight. Customize your water quantity per day, set reminders, follow your targets and get a completely hydrated, detoxified and healthy body just with water and this app. Check your daily water consumption to challenge yourself better and finds the best tips and motivation on how to drink the water right way and the right time. Want some more useful Health & Fitness Apps? Try Run For Weight Loss for your Android and for Apple phone now.