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Your Ultimate source of all Workout plans includes body weight workouts, machine workouts & mixed workouts. Set your Workout plan by days, Fitness & Bodybuilding Video App is your personal instructor for Training your muscle groups as Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Forearms, Triceps, Legs, Abdominal, Calf Muscles, and much more. Download this App from Google Play Store.

App Description

This Gym Workout : Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises is your true workout trainer fitness coach which not shows videos of Bodybuilding & Fitness training of each workout for full body exercises of each and every muscle. This suite of home/gym apps - full body workout for all people - men & women.

  • Fitness can be scary. Indeed, gyms are typically loaded with strange looking machines, gear you don't know how to operate and the provocative people working out.
  • A gym is difficult places to deal with especially if you are new to these places, losing weight and getting fit can get intimidating in such places when everyone is already expert and you are just new to all this.
  • Gyms can be extremely expensive as well, they burn a big hole in our pocket and that's not all, not everyone can afford a personal coach to help you perform the right set of bodybuilding exercises and a fitness plan because they charge too high for a regular person.
  • So in Bodybuilding workout, we provide you, your very own personal trainer which will be at the duty and guide you in bodybuilding 24*7 without charging you anything.
  • The best thing about this app is you won't have to struggle with written instructions on how to perform an exercise, you get a video demonstration of every exercise and all weight and bodybuilding plans.
  • You can start your weight training exercise at the comfort of your home with this app and us sure your opinion about bodybuilding in the gym will get revolutionized just like other people who too are using this app and loving it too.
  • Most workout videos can be easily used by anybody whether man or woman, not only at the gym but also with utmost ease at home with no equipment required for a perfect working out routine following the many bodybuilding gym workout plans and programs included in this fitness app. This will boost your energy immensely, and result in you in getting fit, by simply following the daily instructions of our gym guide
  • You would get to your goals fast and also help you to lose weight if your body holds many fats. This will be the new gym hero that will motivate and guide you through every step towards your fitness regime with helpful tips. No need to go to the gym every day or every time you decide to exercise, and you do not need to pay any money to no one.
  • This fitness trainer will help you track & maintain your fitness every step up and build up an extremely healthy Mevo-lifestyle and get you in shape fast with perfect power & resistance for everyone from beginners to the experts of fitness clubs. Get Fit today and start making your life Healthy with this app that inspires, motivates and guide you in the right direction as your fitness coach.

Full Features of the App - Gym Workout : Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises

Body region wise Bodybuilding exercises

When it comes to bodybuilding, each body part needs a different set of exercises to help them get stronger and bulkier. Bodybuilding workout has different kinds of exercises for each body segment like for abs workout, legs workout, bicep/tricep workout, arm workout and so on. Just like your gym workout routine, you have to work on each body part to get the overall well-built body. If you are specifically targeting any particular body section, then you can also get the right strength, weight gaining exercises for that segment in the bodybuilding workout app.

Progress Timeline

Who wouldn't like to see their progress after giving your all hard work into building body and losing weight while on their way to getting fit? In this interesting feature, you can upload your image from time to time and see the difference you have created just by following our fitness routine and bodybuilding workout by comparing you are before and after images. It definitely pays off even when the difference is slightly less, but it is enough to keep you motivated to workout harder.

Video Tutorial of all exercise

Move your hand to right while taking left leg right, wait, what? How is one supposed to follow so many written instructions while performing them? It is too complicated. In bodybuilding workout, you can find the video tutorial of each and every workout with exact instructions on how to perform any exercise. It is utterly important to perform these exercises in a right way and written instructions are not enough to help us understand, that's where video tutorial comes in handy.

Gender wise categorization of exercises

Male and females have a different physique, strength and body structure and thus need a different set of exercise as their abilities and so is physical strength. In bodybuilding workout, we have created different strength, fitness routine, cardio, bodybuilding etc exercises according to the body limits of males and females. Follow the right type of fitness routine according to your body type now.

Bodybuilding and exercise Blog support

When a beginner starts a bodybuilding workout routine or usual fitness routine or simply weight-loss routine, there are various doubts they have like. How to lose weight quickly, which fitness routine should I follow, a weight-loss diet plan, a bodybuilding diet plan and so on. At that point, we all need a place where all our doubts can be answered. Bodybuilding workout is the right place for that, with an extensive database on workout and exercise tips, you can find all your answers here.

Favorite section

Bodybuilding workout comes with an option where you can save all your favorite exercises and blogs, so that can easily revisit them without taking the pain to find them again and again. Simply mark all the stuff as your favorite or anything that you might find useful and you might want to try again.

Download exercises

How can anyone download exercises, you perform them, right? You might be thinking that way, but we have now made it possible for you to download the exercises. Internet speed can be troublesome sometimes and it shouldn't stop you from doing your daily fitness and weight-loss routine exercises, just download the exercises that you perform regularly and run them offline to workout harder without any problem.

Task and exercise scheduler

Discipline is the key to weight-loss and bodybuilding, no matter if you are following a gym workout plan or a bodybuilding workout plan at home, discipline is all that matters. When you forget to do your exercises even one day, you miss out greatly on your fitness routine. To make sure that it never happens, schedule your exercises on bodybuilder workout exercise.

Credits and rewards

Earn while you workout on bodybuilder workout app. You get free credits when you follow all the workout plan earnestly on bodybuilder workout app. Come daily on this amazing fitness app to avail all the rewards and credits. You also get the credits just to download the app. You can redeem these credits to purchase a exclusive Mevofit fitness merchandise such as apparels, gym gear, fit bit etc for free.

Online merchandise and shopping

Running out of your exercising gear, don't worry, go to the Mevofit merchandise and shop the best fitness equipment which you will fall in love with. These exclusive gym gear, apparels, sippers, fit bit are designed for all the people who are highly concerned about their health and understands that exercising cannot be done in regular clothes.

How to use the App

Which type of exercises can I find in bodybuilding workout app?

You can find all type of physical workout like bodybuilding exercise, strength training, cardio sessions, yoga, pilates and lot more. Some of the Exercises for Bodybuilding Workout videos:

- Chest workouts
- Body workout
- Shoulder & Forearms
- Abs workout
- Back workouts & belly
- Strength & Resistance
- Bicep & Tricep

How to download the exercises?

Open the exercise that you would like to download, go to the video page of the exercise and click the download sign on the bottom right corner of the video. Now you can easily view this exercise in the downloaded section of your app.

How to find the right type of bodybuilding exercises for me?

We have specially created complete fitness programs so that you won't have to struggle to create an exercise plan that includes all the types of workout for the whole body workout. You can choose the exercise plan that you find yourself comfortable with. Moreover, you can also find the right exercises by choosing the body segment that you are targeting in a bodybuilding workout app.

How to buy Mevofit merchandise for free?

You can buy the Mevofit merchandise for free by redeeming your credit points that you have earned on a bodybuilding workout app. You can keep earning the credits by using the app more and more, following the workout plans, being more social on the app and sharing it more and more. Shop the merchandise and in checkout step, you can redeem the credits to buy the merchandise.

How to set the reminder for the workout?

Go to the dairy section, set the tasks that you or reminder for the day and done, you won't forget your workout session now anymore. Your health assistant will be at your service to help you remind to complete your workout session every day.

How to find the right workout routine for beginners??

There are various workout and gym workout plans in the exercise section of the app. There you can find the best plans for beginners, you can choose the right set of exercises according to your competence as a beginner, the number of sets and reps that you are comfortable with. Start following the fitness plan that you find the best and keep getting fitter.

How to redeem the credits?

You can redeem the credits to purchase the cool range of Mevofit fitness range. All you have to do is earn lots of credits by following the workout plans, being more social and using the app more and more and then all you have to do is shop the merchandise and in checkout step, you can redeem the credits to buy the merchandise.

How to find the tips on strength training and bodybuilding?

We have an unlimited number of tips on fitness, bodybuilding, gym workout, routine fitness plan etc. Just go to the Blog section from the menu and land in the place where you can find the best tips and information you can ever find on fitness and health.

How to view my downloaded exercises?

You can view your downloaded exercise in the menu at the left side of the app. Click on "My Downloads" and there you can see all your downloaded exercise and now you can start exercising.

How to find more such health and fitness related apps?

We have a huge range of apps related to every health issue and fitness domain. You can find more such apps on "More Apps" section in the menu. So don't wait anymore to start working out and enjoy the active and healthy lifestyle.


Get the best bodybuilding plans according to your body type and videos of all exercises like chest workouts, full body workout, shoulder & forearms, abs workout, strength training and almost every exercise without actually going to a gym and paying gym fees on Gym Workout : Videos of Bodybuilding Gym Exercises. Follow the best tips, methods, gym workout plans for beginners, intermediates, and experts, video tutorial, blog support and much to more to build body easily at home and lose weight. Want some more useful Health & FItness Apps? Try Run for Weight Lossfor your Android and Apple phone now.