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Electro Ball: Electro Music Drum Bouncing Balls
The Game of Bouncing Balls of Electro Music Drum Pads that must be Smashed.

App Description

Lines of Balls of Music & Colors are coming your way, and you must smash them up at all costs. The Electro Ball is made up of magical and colorful Music Drum Pads of many colors that must be matched to smash to get to the next level. Retreat yourself with a blend of fun music, colorful 3-D graphics, satisfying smashing experience in this Electro Ball game where you have all in one place, just keeping smashing those highly satisfying balls which are nothing less than color pops.

  • The Mystical spheres of florescent balls come from another world, and your challenge is to be fast to smash the right color balls bouncing on your screen in lines, at the right time.
  • These colorful electro balls are hypnotizing with vibrant electric, fluorescent colors oozing and popping out of them, it is your duty to smash and beat them before they attack your screen.
  • Chose from the modes that you like and play with 3,4,5 columns in which balls will come at you in full speed with energy busters which drains all your power, you have to escape them at any cost while making your combos to win the game.
  • You must be wondering what is the bonus in this whole game? Well, the icing on the cake is that you a whole new musical experience with 3 original music tracks which will make it more of a musical drama along with a thrilling arcade gaming experience.
  • The music will exhilarate you and would keep moving up your tempo in sync with this game of bouncing ball of music drums. This FREE ball game that requires you to Match 3 color drum pads as fast as possible! Make amazing Electro Balls Combos with the colorful pads and get rewarded with points to match them correctly.
  • Beware of the negative energy or the Evil Balls and dodge them every time you see them, or you the party is over and so is the music. Electro balls is a really fast game which will make you an addict of fast and musical games which requires your full attention and focus, don't lose an eye from your balls, keep smashing them and keep winning.
  • Download this Game now, and challenge yourself with this playful, colorful, musical & thrilling game brought to you by Mig Super Games, Migital, and MevoFit.

Full features of the App - Electro Ball: Electro Music Drum Bouncing Balls

A fast-paced reaction game

Test your reflexes against a game which is an extremely dynamic and high-paced and your only chance to win is playing it real fast, use your both hands if that's what it takes to make combos and make the combos of electrifying colorful balls to get a musical experience in a game which is a not a very regular thing to happen in a game.

Classic "Match 3" game genre redefined

You must have played various match 3 type of games where you have 3 or more of same typed objects but we bet you must have never played anything like this where making combos isn't about matching 3 at all, you have to combat with various obstructions and the various negative energies as well.

Nonstop excitement with 150 thrilling levels

Your fun will never stop with this game, enjoy 150 times of complete pure entertainment filled with musical parody and satisfying ball smashing where speed and time are the enemies that you need to defeat in order to win. Enjoy endless fun in this game with 150 mind-blowing levels.

Exciting modes

Zen and Survival: The game withholds your interest with 2 addictive modes -

Zen: Get the hold of the game... Play the game in 3 rows, 4 rows, and 5 rows! Select how a level can you manage to play and beat those electro balls in musical style.

Survival: Uncertainty is fun and challenging... Ready for it? Face infinite jumbled up challenges. You won't have an idea what might come in your way, all you can do is act really fast and smart to survive and to win the game.

Test your reflexes in challenging levels

Do you also take yourself as a hardcore gamer and proud of your adventure gaming skills? Are you also the one that wins all the games in your pack? Well, let's try this game and see how fast can you smash these extremely fast and high-paced electro balls and show that you are the ultimate champion of gaming.

Score high & show off in survival mode

Survival mode will test your real gaming spirit against all the odds where the electro balls will come at you from all the direction in their full force with an unpredicted nature along with mixed up negative balls which will attack your energy and drain your power, you have to maintain your health at any cost to stay in the league of the game and survive. You have to figure out a way to score higher in this difficult mode.

Power-ups to boost your chances of winning

Win powerups and boosters has hidden somewhere in these electro balls to power up your game. These powerups will give you an extra edge in making combis and beat the negative balls and make more points at the same time. These powerups are rare but we sure you can find them.

Absolutely stunning music will leave you asking for more:

Electro balls have 4 different original music tracks which makes it unique gaming experience and will take you on a suspenseful, thrilling musical journey in the world of electro balls. Select from the Florio, Journey in Stars, Aug, Theory music tracks which all are mystical and thrilling in their own ways.

Score higher by matching as many orbs as possible

Play with 4 or 5 columns match where you cannot rest even for a single second, it is not a normal 3 match game anymore. There is a whole lot of powerups to explore and win in this game. Show these electro balls that not only they but you too have some powers.

Awesome 3-D graphics and animation

These evils balls will leave you in an awe of them, they are made up of colorful lasers electrocuted to the level of perfection. They reflect vibrant colors and disperse such colorful light that you will feel like a celebration going on. These extreme 3-D graphics are certainly to be falling for.

How to use the App

How to play the Electro balls game?

Electro balls is a rather easy game to play, it is all about the speed which makes it difficult. You are given a tutorial on how to play this game whenever you start the game from level 1. Be sure to learn the most from this tutorial as it has all that you need to learn in order to play Electro Balls game.

How to set the 1 or 2 thumb gaming control in the Electro Ball game?

You can play this game with either 1 thumb or 2 Thumbs. This comes in handy when you have too many balls and lesser energy to compete. To turn on/off the 2-Thumb control, go to settings and select/deselect the 1 or 2 Thumb control as per your comfort.

How to change the Music Track?

You can choose from 4 different music track that is designed to create a thrilling and adventurous engima while you play. You can set this music track or change them from the music settings from the main menu. Enjoy Electro Balls with these exhilarating music level tracks.

How to play in 4 and 5 column matches?

4 and 5 column match is available in Zen mode only. To play in this mode go to Play, select Zen Mode and select the number of columns that you would like to begin with.

How to get the boosters and powerups in the game?

There are various powerups which you can use to make this game more exciting. The power-ups come in the form of various electro balls which are different in looks as compared to regular balls. Smash these balls to get the powerups and boosters, but beware there are some poisonous balls also which might drain your power.

How to turn off the music and vibration?

To turn on/off the music, go the main menu, click on the settings button. You can choose to set the sound settings as per your desire from the menu. Save the settings before exiting and your music and vibration preferences will be saved from there.

How to find more fun games like Electro Games?

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How to share Electro Balls game with others?

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This interesting game provides the best gaming experience with challenging and frenetic levels! Get Electro Ball now & let the fun begin by beating the balls in a combo and bust them all before they attack you. Enjoy a game with a unique musical experience which will mesmerize you and make you an addict of this game forever. Electro balls in a fun adventure cum arcade match -3 type high-paced game where fun never stops. Get ready for the ultimate challenge and use your powers to overcome the dangerous color maze ahead of you. Now don't think twice and experience the fun for yourself. Want some more useful Gaming Apps? Try Free Run for your Android/Apple phone now.