WOW Top 10 - Best Apps to Help You Lose Weight Fast

WOW Top 10 - Best Apps to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Give a chance to stay fit with an amazing fitness & weight loss app for health that helps you gain strength, muscles and enhancing your nutrition. An essential part of this app is the calorie counter and tracking your daily physical activities.

Presenting the best 10 apps that helps you lose weight faster:

This is the best fitness app if you want to lose weight and get in shape. It helps you in changing your lifestyle and keep you on a low-calorie diet plan suitable to lose weight. It's an app you'll fall in love with.

It helps you in losing weight by planning your daily calorie intake by logging all your diet and provides you with weight loss tips It also logs your exercise programs and keeps a regular track of your weight. It is a remarkable app which also suggests you weight loss diet.

You can download Lose Weight Fast: MevoFit from Google Play Store.


A. It has a calorie counter which is perfect for your diet and nutrition goals. It tracks everything you eat and gives you a quick insight into your overall caloric intake.

B. Step counter keeps an eye on all your physical activities. It calculates the total number of steps you took throughout the day. It can assist you with 50+ high-intensity workout plans and schedules

C. The food database of this app contains more than 5,00,000 + food items. It contains 1000+ healthy recipes.

D. Socialize with like-minded people of the network and participate in contests. This makes fitness more of a fun experience.

E. It allows you to synchronize your data with MevoFit Drive, Fitbit & Google Fit.

Twinbody app works on a completely different approach, it is a social network dedicated to weight loss and fitness goals. It matches your weight, height, and goals to others with same details on the network. This helps you in sharing your journey and losing weight with people matched exactly to you, keeping up a healthy competitive spirit and motivation towards weight loss.


You can share your transformations on the online community, using before and after photos. This app gives you encouragement for fitness and weight loss while supporting meal plans and workout routines.

Lose it, features a highly effective weight loss program. You just need to download the app, set the weight goals, and keep a track of your overall nutritional intake. It’s simple: You use it, you lose it. You just need to enter your details and target weight, and this app will calculate the daily calorie budget best suited for you.


You can log food you eat by simply taking a photo, making it easy to track diet and macros. It helps in connecting with tracker devices like Fitbit trackers. It also has a serving size guide, designed

Lose Weight in 30 Days is an app which claims to help you in losing weight in a quick & safer way. It provides guidance on diet and workout schedules to help you in improving your physique and overall fitness. It allows you to synchronize your data on Google Fit.


It tracks your progress based on your goals and also keeps a track of calories burnt. This app displays workout routines via animations and videos. The intensity of workout gradually increases as you progress. A variety of workouts is available on this app varying from gym workouts to home workouts.

Fitatu is a fitness tracker app with some outstanding features like macro-calculator, calorie counter, meal scheduler etc. It also has some unique features like you can synchronize it with Google Fit, Apple health etc. It assists you in the diet as well as workout routines.


It synchronizes automatically with apps like Google fit, apple health, Nike-run etc. Its database contains more than 500 exercises, however, you can add your own exercises and training sessions. With Fitatu, you can schedule up to 6 meals. It manages measurements, body weight and tracks progress over time.

It's a 24/7 fitness coach that is tailor-made for all your fitness needs. It helps you in building healthy eating habits and assists you to get more active, stress less, and live a healthier life. Lark coach shares your progress weekly and works with you to adjust your plan to fit your lifestyle.


It automatically monitors your exercise, weight and other health data. It doesn't need wearable sensors, it uses low power phone sensors instead. This app synchronizes your data with Google Fit so you can manage all your health data and analyze it better. Although it's free to use, the premium features like 12-week weight loss programs are paid.

Weight loss recipes only manage your diet, it is an online cookbook which contains a database of healthy dishes. It has a large variety of recipes which are pre-loaded in its database. These recipes are suitable for your weight loss goals. Ranging from low calorie to macro rich diet. The recipes are simple and easy to cook.


You can search recipes by ingredients as well as names, these recipes can easily be accessed offline. You can also create a shopping list with this app. The other details provided by this app include, preparation time, nutritional value, calories, etc. This app is only focused on weight loss diet.


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