Wow Top 10 – Best Water Intake Reminder Apps

Wow Top 10 – Best Water Intake Reminder Apps

“Thousands have lived without love, no one without water” ~ W.H Auden.

Drink Some Water! Your skin, hair, mind and body will thank you from within. Water is a true friend, it’s the only drink for a wise man as it showers your body from inside. Being hydrated is an important thing to keep in check. It cleanses our body, gets rid of the toxins, boosts metabolism and keeps us fit. Presenting top 10 water reminder apps for health and fitness.

Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water, and our vital organs like the heart and kidneys are made up of more than 75% water? For your weight loss goals too, drinking enough water is essential, as it speeds up the metabolism. Hence, it is important that you keep your body hydrated. Drink Water Reminder is the best app in the category with mind-blowing features that will take your fitness regime to the next level.

You can download Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight from Google Play Store and App Store.


It displays water intake in both units, ml as well as oz. You can easily set reminders and customize your daily water intake requirement. This app lets you, analyze graphs and logs of your water intake. It also reminds you about Green tea to help you detox. Synchronizes with Google+, Facebook and Email and it enables you to backup and restore all your data.

Water Time pro is a simple water intake reminder which reminds you of drinking water according to your daily needs. While keeping a track of water intake from other fluids like Tea & Coffee


It reminds you of the water intake at regular intervals of time, best suited for people with a busy schedule.

This water tracker app sets a suitable water intake goal. This is based on your age and gender. Then you are reminded of hydration at regular intervals.


You can set your custom water intake goals, displays logs and overall hydration status. It has a beautiful and intuitive design.

This app is more than just a water reminder. It reminds you of your water intake, has many custom water containers as per the user's preference. It is one of the most downloaded apps on google play.


You can set your custom water intake goals. Custom sizes of water containers could also be added. You can view, analyze your water intake pattern in form of graphs.

Drink Water Reminder ensures your proper intake of water every day. It’s just a simple water tracker app that inculcates good habits of drinking more water. Balanced hydration is essential for the optimum performance of the body. Proper hydration keeps you fit and enhances metabolism.


It reminds you to drink sufficient quantity of water to keep you healthy. You can track your water drinking pattern with detailed stats and graphs, also has a customized cup and standard (oz) & metric (ml) units.

Water Drink Reminder will help you by evaluating the quantity of water needed, it reminds you how much to drink and when to drink. It's time to inculcate good habits and detox your body using the cleansing power of water to improve your health.


It enables you to keep a perfect track of water balance in your body with help of a simple log book. Keep a log of water intake for the whole month. You can schedule the notifications and calculate the amount of water you should ingest every day based on your body weight, age and gender. It has a beautiful and intuitive design.

Aqualert is a water tracker app and water reminder to develop a habit of drinking water regularly. It reminds and regularly notifies about drinking an adequate amount of water to keep you fit and motivated. It keeps a log of your daily water intake and displays in form of graph and stats. It can easily synchronize with google fit.


The design is so simple and easy, that it's suitable for any age. It has a daily intake calculator, tracker and reminder, it calculates water intake on basis of your gender, weight and exercise levels. It also has an automatic bedtime mode so that the app doesn't bother you while sleeping.

Hydrate Drink Water Tracker notifies and reminds you to drink water in constant intervals throughout the day. This app can be entirely customized to fit all your needs while suiting your busy routine.


The reminders can be customized like, you can decide the start/end time of notifications. The smart reminders adjust according to your water drinking pattern. It contains a snooze button to postpone when busy. It also has a Silent mode to mute notifications for bedtime. You can always backup/restore from google drive.

Hydro Diary is an app that helps you in monitoring your water drinking pattern. It greatly helps in developing habits of regular hydration. Stats of water intake about a week or a month can be obtained in detailed and graphical form.


It has a simple and user-friendly interface. Displays in all units depending on user preferences (Ml/Oz, Kg/ Lbs). It personalizes your daily intake goal, based on your gender, weight, exercise level. You can easily access your weekly/monthly statists which are displayed in form of graphs.

Drinking water regularly is a hard thing to track when you have a hectic schedule. Hydro Coach is here to save the day. It helps you by calculating your water requirement and tracking what fluids you ingest throughout the day. This app gently reminds you of when you should drink water.


This app helps you to keep a perfect track of your water intake balance with help of a simply designed log book. You can get graphically represented stats of your water drinking habits ranging from a week to month. You can input your water intake through your android wear.


Keeping your body hydrated is a necessary thing to do. But, no one can keep this habit consistently as when we’re too busy, we often forget to consume enough water.

Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker to Lose Weight is a miraculous app that reminds you to drink water at regular intervals of time and it also enables you to track your water intake throughout the month. These features and functionalities truly make it the #1 water intake reminder app.


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