Wow top 10- Best Electro Balls Games

Wow top 10- Best Electro Balls Games

Ever created music while playing games? Sounds amazing thing, isn?t it? Here are some of the most fascinating ball arcadegames that will keep you addicted. It's time to get the ball rolling! Presenting wow top 10 online electro ball games, at

This game is the best combination of game-play and music creation. The fluorescent balls move swiftly across lines, all you need to do is tap them while 3 same colored balls align.

The music synchronizes beautifully with the movements and tapping of balls. You must match 3 colored drum pads as fast as possible. You can make amazing combos with these colorful pads and earn points by matching them correctly. But, beware of the Evil Balls, if you touch them your game is over.

You can download Electro Ball: Electro Music Drum Bouncing Balls from Google Play Store.


It’s a fast-paced reflex testing game which has 150+ levels. Power-ups are also available in this game, which gives your score a sudden boost. Amazing graphics and absolutely stunning music make you keep coming back for more. Two modes included: Zen and Survival.

It’s a classic brick breaker game in a new avatar. All you need to do is swipe up the ball, it’ll break a brick and bounce back, catch it before it touches the ground. The ball produces music when it hits the wall and bounces back, this makes it a perfect game with music combination.


It is an amazing game with 30 levels added in challenge mode. There’s no time limit, it’s the best leisure game to kill time. Challenge your friends and people worldwide with its global scoreboard. This game has amazing graphics and sound effects to make sure that you never get bored. Multiple balls and bricks pattern to choose from.

This is yet another ball & brick game, just clear the screen off the bricks and score points. The more bricks you break in a single swipe the more your score will multiply. You must collect the golden rings in order to unlock new balls, there are over 18 balls to choose from. The more you score, the harder it gets. You can use the speed-up button to speed up the balls.


This game has 100 + amazing levels and two modes: Zen and Survival. You can play with your friends and family too. Compete with game addicts from around the world and be on the top of the global leaderboard.

#4. Color Ball Switch Challenge

It has been one of the most addictive games of all the time. In this game, you need to pass your balls through various tiles, but the ball should be of the same color as the tile. The ball changes color on tapping. Tap as fast as you can to pass through all the ties and score as much as you can.


It has a simple and amazing interface for smooth game-play. It’s an example of a unique artwork with high definition graphics and amazing sound effects. This game becomes progressively challenging as you improvise.

This is a simple “Save the ball” game. In this game, you’re rolling through a cave and you need to avoid obstacles like fireballs, black-holes and walls while avoiding a crash into walls of the cave. It’s a 360-degree thrill with amazing graphics and stunning sound effects.


It is a highly challenging game that progressively evolves as you improvise. More than 15 balls to choose from and the cave is customizable. It has 2 modes: Zen and Survival. Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects.

#6. Helix Ball Drop

Drop a ball from a helix structure but don’t land on the red square or you lose. It’s an interesting reflex game where the helix spins and the ball must land on the lower base, there are different colors on the base and red is deadly. The speed of helix increases as you progress. It keeps on getting tougher as the score increases.


This game is highly addictive and extremely fun to play. It has 50 different levels and 2 different modes. You can share your score with friends and see your score on global leader-board. The graphics are amazing and so are the sound effects & music.

#7. Electro Tiles

This game has a combination of glowing tiles and you need to tap on the same colored tiles to compose music and score points. But, be careful not to tap on the red tiles which show up unexpectedly. If you touch a red tile the game is over. The simple and beautiful interface makes it one of the most amazing music games on app-stores.


This game has amazing graphics and stunning sound effects that’ll leave you awestruck and amazed. Electro tiles have been one of the most downloaded games because the game-play is simple and highly addictive.

Roll the ball is one of the most addictive and challenging game on the app-stores right now. In this, you need to arrange the pieces of a puzzle in such a way that the create a path for the ball to roll and reach its destination. This must be done using as fewer moves as possible while collecting the stars for bonus score.


Upgrade your power-ups at every level as you beat the score. Get more stars to unlock more features. 100S of challenging and mind-exercising puzzles to complete.

This is fun to play music app. All you have to do is tap on black tiles while they move, in order to create a tune. This game is easy to play but hard to master. You can play complete songs if you learn it. It greatly helps if you want to learn piano. This game is available online and can be transferred to sd card if space issues arise.


This game provides the user with a smooth gaming experience because of it’s simple and beautiful interface. It is available offline which means you don’t have to wait for stable data connections whenever you want to play. It is a progressively challenging game as it keeps on getting tougher as your score increases.

#10. Smash Hit

Take your gaming skills to a whole different dimension. The metallic sphere travels through different dimensions having various obstacles. Smash through them and score points, the graphics are highly realistic. The destruction of objects also feels so realistic that you can see it shattering into pieces. There are more than 50 different rooms & 11 different graphic styles.


The graphics are amazing and the sound effects are mind-blowing, there are 50 different levels and 11 graphic styles so that you never get bored. The game is progressively challenging which means that it gets tougher as your score improvises. The interface is attractive and futuristic which makes it an addictive game.


Ball games are addictive, aren’t they? But no matter what, you never get the perfect blend of graphics, gameplay, controls and music. However Electro Ball: Electro Music Drum Bouncing Balls is a perfect ball game with amazing music, thrilling graphics and an amazingly addictive gameplay. This perfect combination of features makes it #1 ball game on play store.


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