Wow Top 10- Best Hide & Seek Games

Wow Top 10- Best Hide & Seek Games

Hide & Seek got a whole new avatar on mobile devices and smartphones. Presenting wow top 10 free online hidden object games to refresh the good old memories from your childhood mysteries.

Hide & Seek is the best hidden object finder game on play store till now. It has a beautiful interface with 4 unique and heart-throbbing modes and hundreds of levels that keep you interested. The artistic scenes from the game will make you fall in love with it. It has a beautiful and elegant interface which will surely leave you addicted.

You can download Hide & Seek from the Google Play Store.


It has 100+ brain exercising puzzles that are sure to sharpen your analytical and logical skills. This game has a beautiful and simple interface with fun sound effects. It also has 4 unique modes so that you never get bored of playing the same game over and over again.

Agent Hannah is on the quest and you gotta help her out. Beautiful agent cum pilot Hannah is a special operative who is on a mission to save the day. It’s an adventure puzzle game that’ll blow your mind. It has 1000s of hidden objects to be found and 200+ levels so that you never run out of fun.


Beautiful design and advanced interface make it one of the best puzzle games. It has more than 200 levels and thousands of hidden objects. You can get magical hints that help you in finding the item that troubles you while searching. It allows you to pinch and zoom to look for the item easily.

Be the part of a magical journey in an enchanted forest with a talking tree as your guide. It is an interesting hidden object finder game where you need to find certain objects given in a list on the given picture. This game is quite entertaining, it provides you hints wherever you’re stuck. The best part is the graphics. It has amazing scenic pictures of a colorful forest.


The game-play is amazing as the overall interface is highly interactive, giving it a realistic feel. The graphics are amazing as it makes use of 3d graphics elements. This game has 400 mind-boggling levels and is available in 3 different modes. The sound effects are realistic and soothing to listen to. This game supports 15 different languages.

It’s a perfect game for foodies all around the world. Here, you must find the items listed from the messiest kitchens in the world. It is a challenging game that tests your memory, focus and logical thinking skills. It has an amazing visual as well as sound quality. Clean your kitchen and spot objects out from the mess


It has more than 200 interesting levels for exercising your brain. There are more than 2000 hidden items to be found. It has high definition image scenes and fun sound effects. Share your score with friends and challenge contenders online.

It’s a perfect game for all age groups, you need to find the items in a painting from a list of given objects. These challenges vary in levels, like in basic level you need to find the item described in the list. Whereas, in the advanced mode you have to find the object by looking at a silhouette. It is an amazing puzzle game with a simple and beautiful interface and a smooth interface. Clean your home, find cute pets and much more.


This game has an amazing and attractive interface and a smooth game-play. It has 300 levels that will get you insanely addicted to it. There are 3 modes: beginner, intermediate and expert. There are 2000+ objects to be found.

There’s an old couple living in the neighborhood and they want to renovate their old creepy house. Can you help them out? Find various items from the picture and help these old fellows in customizing their home. Paint the walls, change the wallpapers, add decorative stuff and much more in this amazing & highly addictive puzzle game.


It allows you to create up to 5 profiles so that everyone from your family can play. It is completely available offline, which means no more waiting for a stable connection. 100S of different levels so that you never run out of fun & entertainment. It has a simple and smooth game-play.

#7. Hidden Numbers:

This game has a totally different theme, you need to find different creatures that are from another world. These creatures are on a loose and you have to save the day. It has a mystical atmosphere and pictures in high definition with fun sound effects and addictive game-play. This game includes various mini-games for extra fun.


It is a highly addictive game with 1000’s of hidden keys, objects and creatures from outer space. 20+ locations from different worlds. It has more than 1100 daily tasks for more fun. It has multiple mini-games so that you never get bored of playing the same game over and over again. The graphics are realistic and in 3d with fun sound effects.

This game revolves around time and space travel. A scientist named John Doe has disappeared mysteriously while using his time machine. He is surfing all his way in different dimensions in space, and needs your help in finding the hidden objects that could take him home.


It is a detective themed game which makes use of time-travel plot. The game has 300+ levels and each one unlocks after the previous one is completed. High definition graphics with excellent sound effects. It has an advanced and smooth interface that makes sure that you enjoy this game to the fullest. This game provides hints to thee problems when you’re stuck.

Dive into the world of your favorite fairy-tale. This game is based on the famous fairy-tale “Beauty and the Beast”. Find the hidden objects as listed and complete your challenges. Help the princess in her quest to transform the prince and break the magic spell. This game has 50+ beautiful fairy-tale locations.


It has a beautiful interface and the graphics are all 3D with amazing sound effects. 300+puzzles and 1000’s of objects to find. This game can be played offline, that mean you don’t have to wait for stable data connections to sync data with servers.

Be a part of Alice’s magical journey as she finds her way out of the wonderland. This is a hidden object finder game with hundreds of puzzles to complete. The graphics are amazing and the game-play is smooth. The music is soothing and absolutely amazing to listen. The game provides you with hints whenever you’re stuck.


This game has 150+ levels and 4 unique modes for playing. It includes mini-games for more fun. There are daily tasks that need to be completed for extra score. The 3D graphics add more to the playing experience with amazing sound effects. The interface is simple and smooth.


Hidden object finder games are best suited for exercising your brain, all the other apps in the app markets claim to have hundreds of entertaining levels but unfortunately it’s not quite true. The levels are redundant and repetitive most of the time. Hide & Seek is different from the rest, due to the fact that it has so many unique and mind boggling levels of unique puzzles. This makes it the #1 hidden object finder game on Google Play Store.


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