Wow Top 10 – Best Astrology Apps

Wow Top 10 – Best Astrology Apps

Astrology is not a myth anymore, it’s a finger pointing at reality! It’s a cosmic science that helps discovering the innermost nature of you and to bring it out into your consciousness.

Overrule your stars and create an influence around your surroundings with all the planets and constellations in the universe. Presenting the top 10 Astro Apps by Migital.

Know about what your future says from the “Nostradamus of India”, the world-renowned Astrology guru, Celebrity Astrologer Sundeep Kochar. This Astro App will provide you with daily feed of Astro updates online, with the efforts of your astrologer Sundeep analyzing your horoscope's stars position and planetary movement for your sun sign.

You can download Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar from Google Play Store.


This single app can enlighten you about your future using different astrology disciplines including Vedic astrology, horoscope analysis, palmistry and face reading. It gives predictions on Horoscope for daily, weekly and monthly predictions for every Sun Sign. Offers unique features like matchmaking and face reading.

Daily horoscope app tells you about your horoscope based on your sun sign on a daily basis, including the next day.


It has an easy launch horoscope widget which is compatible with all Zodiac signs compatibility. It has a Chinese horoscope for 2017 and 2018 & Zodiac horoscope for 2018 and 2019. This app

Get horoscope predictions for an entire week! Astro Guru not just tells you about the horoscope based on your sun sign but also assists you with palmistry. It uses advanced image processing algorithms for the calculations and generating charts.


Know better about yourself and your hidden qualities, with its advanced image processing algorithms you can know better about your past, present and future. Matchmaking feature allows you to check whether your prospective partner is compatible with you or not.

Astroguide is one of the apps which not just only predicts horoscope but also tests love compatibility, personalized tarot readings and sun-sign compatibility. Get an insight of future and get predictions about money, work, personal life and relations.


Predict your mood for the day with star ratings and get daily update on the horoscope of near and distant future. Get tarot readings of love and relationships, money and good fortune. Card readings of work, love, health etc. Matchmaking guides you about your compatibility with your partner.

Immediate access to your personal astrologer anytime, anywhere. With Yodha astrology app, you can put up a question and get a reply within minutes regarding your problem.


Get guidance from professional Vedic astrologers from Nepal, on the go. You can get precise solutions about your problems in minutes. Free daily and weekly horoscope predictions based on your sun sign.

It's yet another interactive app, where the professionals read your Natal Chart and respond on your problems/queries. Get predictions on issues like, Pregnancy to Child Birth, Finance & Business related problems, love & relationship issues the experts at Astro-Veda can offer predictions for everything.


You can ask questions about your zodiac sign, get a natal chart created by famous astrologers based on your birth details. Get your daily, weekly horoscope updates based on your zodiac/sun sign.

This app updates you with daily, monthly and yearly horoscope. You can also check zodiac compatibility. This app is very accurate and helps you in planning your day accordingly. It gives you a lucky number and lucky color for the day.


Get a detailed information on all the zodiac signs you're compatible with. You get daily, weekly and yearly horoscope predictions.

This App has a totally different approach, it predicts your future based on numbers. Numerology is a horoscope science which calculates a number for you and every number represents a different character trait. Analyze numbers like life path number, destiny number and soul number.


Analyze your name initials and get useful numbers like, career number, path number, soul number, and get predictions about your health, relationships, love, work and financial conditions. It also enlightens you about your hidden talents, personal life, professional life, love/sex life.

My astrology adviser is a unique app in which you can get suggestions from famous and skilled astrologers in form of video messages. You can consult them anytime you want. The first time use is for free, but after that, you need to pay for each session.


Trained astrologers and natal chart readers at your disposal, get accurate astrology and numerology related predictions in form of video messages. You can even get your natal charts prepared by providing your birth details like time, date and place of birth.

Planetus Astrology provides a convenient way to monitor planetary influences on you. It's like a personal astrologer at your disposal anytime, anywhere! It displays favorable & unfavorable planetary influences for a current time through a clock face in an easy and convenient way. You can synchronize with the position of stars, every day. It gives real-time predictive astrology clearly and conveniently.


Provides real-time transit calculator, it can calculate the approximate time of an aspect. It can calculate Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and mean Moon's Node. This app instantly shows the interactive 24-hour clock face with transiting aspects – it's like your astrological forecast.


To know what plans do stars have in store for your future, you need to listen to expert’s opinions. Who else could be better than “Nostradamus of India” Sundeep Kochar. With his unparalleled knowledge as an astrology expert, you’re sure to know every ‘fault in your stars’. Astro App: Astrology & Horoscope by Sundeep Kochar is the best astrology app in the app-markets till date.


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