Wow Top 10 – Best Battery Saver & Phone Cleaner Apps

Wow Top 10 – Best Battery Saver & Phone Cleaner Apps

Running out of battery is a common issue that all smartphone users have to face some time or the other. Learn about the apps that can enhance your device performance and battery backup of your phone. Presenting Top 10 battery saver & phone cleaner apps.

Smartphones are awesome devices that make our lives easy and simplified. The only drawback is the short battery backup. Luckily it's not something you gotta live with. Battery saver and phone booster is the best app when it comes to bringing your battery back to life.

You can download Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone on Google Play Store.


This app contains the most amazing features that will juice up your battery to maximum potential and performance. It kills all the unnecessary processes associated with apps and tools while keeping the important functionalities like sync messages from your social accounts and e-mails as well.

It can restrict the network connections (data connections) and smartly optimize your battery life. It also optimizes the charge while you feed your drained battery. Not only the battery, but it also enhances the performance of your phone by cleaning the unwanted files and cache stored. It manages the RAM allocation of different applications and other system processes. In short, this app unveils the true potential of your phone's performance.

It is the all-in-one app which cleans your phone as well as protects you from dangerous viruses and malware. It has the common features of a phone cleaner with extended functionality of application locker and RAM Booster.


Cache cleaner has the ability to optimize your memory consumption for boosting the performance while protecting your precious data and privacy from the threats of the cyberspace. It has an app locker to protect your privacy from intruders. It has a smart charge functionality which optimizes the charging process of your phone. It also has a CPU cooler which cools down the temperature of your phone by killing heating processes.

Superpower cleaner is an app which optimizes the battery backup by managing the background apps and frees up valuable space by cleaning up unnecessary trash files. The uniqueness that this app has, is the feature that allows you to share apps and games with your friends. Rest of the features are the same as the other cleaner apps possess.


You can schedule a complete scan which scans the phone for every trash file as well as the leftovers of uninstalled apps. It helps in cleaning up the RAM and freeing up the valuable memory so that your phone doesn't lag while working on an important task, or while playing your favorite games. The unique feature of this app is that you can share apps and games with your friends nearby.

Speed booster app is what its name suggests, it's a phone booster app that boosts your phone by cleaning up the junk accumulated on the phone's physical as well as auxiliary space. It cleans every track even the history of call logs to enhance the performance and cleaning up the phone. It boosts the RAM by freeing it up from background apps that consume power as well as the memory resources of the phone. It also has a specialized game booster which boosts the performance of the phone and making sure that the gaming experience is lag-free


This app is an all-rounder in terms of cleaning as it is equipped with RAM cleaner, cache cleaner, junk cleaner and leftover files cleaner. It can enhance the performance and make your phone lag free, suitable for all your needs. Whether it's gaming or surfing on the internet. It has a widget that is entirely dedicated to gaming. It releases the memory so the games run smooth.

Clean boost is a sophisticated phone boosting app. It has a very decent interface which is both simple and intuitive. It cleans the phone by scanning and deleting all the temporary files and residual files of previously installed applications. It cleans up the RAM by getting rid of unnecessary processes running in the background. It is much more than what meets the eye.


Apart from cleaning tools which are common in hundred more apps, this app has unique features like app manager, battery saver, app lock and notification manager. It is the complete optimization solution for your phone with extended functionalities like device info and duplicate photo remover which compares the binary info of files and deletes the duplicate files, which in turn saves space.

Super Cleaner Booster is a professional & powerful cleaner booster app which has a memory saver and speed booster. This app helps in cleaning junk, freeing up memory and boost your phone to make it lag-free, The RAM booster frees up the processing memory and saves battery by terminating stubborn battery-draining processes. Super Cleaner Booster helps in keeping your phone clean, safe and fast.


It has a speed booster which frees up RAM and enhances the performance to a great extent. The extended functionality of this app contains an app manager, app lock and notifications manager. The app has a built-in antivirus and app lock that protects your phone & private data from intruders.

#7. Smart Manager- Battery Saver & Device Manager :

It's a battery Saver app that also has a power saver tool with different modes like general mode, long standby, sleep mode, custom mode, whatever is best suited for the user's needs. This app also displays battery vitals like Current, Temperature, Charging Voltage and charge left in the battery.


This app is completely dedicated to the power management of your device's battery. It displays all the details of a battery like the charging state, current, temperature and potential difference of the charging source. This app also monitors the battery draining processes and cleans them regularly. It contains custom modes which are suitable for different requirements of the user.

This is another multi-functional app. 360 security is a phone cleaner, antivirus as well as a phone booster. This unique combination makes it stand out from the crowd. The antivirus protects you from various threats on the world wide web, while the cleaner gets rid of unnecessary trash on your phone and frees up space.


This app has an antivirus which prevents your device from online threats and viruses that damage the phone and even steal personal data. The cleaner gets rid of all temporary files, cache, logs, histories and leftover data from previously installed apps. The phone booster frees up RAM and kills all the unnecessary background apps that drain the battery and slows down the phone.

This is not just an antivirus app, this app is a bundle of useful tools like app manager, RAM booster and other system cleaning utilities. It deeply scans your phone for dangerous viruses and gets rid of them, securing your personal data.


Antivirus app has a powerful antivirus that is able to detect any threat to your phone. It periodically scans and cleans up the phone for all the viruses and malware. It cleans up the RAM and optimizes the performance for a smoother and faster processing experience.

Malwarebytes is one of the most powerful antivirus, anti-malware app. It performs periodic scans that clean your phone from dangerous malware and trash files that clog up your storage and slows down the phone.


The powerful antivirus algorithm detects any maliciously acting file/app and terminates it at the spot. It has a unique feature that allows you to lock/unlock your phone through SMS. Its unique trash cleaner cleans up every temporary, useless data from your device so that you never run out of space. The RAM booster periodically scans and kills all the battery draining and phone-lagging apps for increased performance.


Smartphones might fascinate us with those awesome features and other extended functionality, but with time these devices tend to slow down because of the junk that gets stored and clogs the memory. Things like these also affect the battery backup immensely. Battery Saver & Phone Booster - Fast Clean Phone app is the #1 tool for mobile cleaning and optimizing the battery backup, its best in class features surely make it stand out from the crowd.


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