Wow Top 10 – Best App Locks and Gallery Hiders

Wow Top 10 – Best App Locks and Gallery Hiders

Your smart-phone certainly has an immense collection of data. Security comes up with an utmost priority here when you have synchronized all your data and credentials on one device. Protecting your privacy is a challenge where you can’t neglect an instance of a security breach. All our precious and valuable data is vulnerable when we leave it unprotected. Presenting wow top 10 app locks and gallery hiders.

The reason why this app made it to the top of this list is the simple yet powerful interface it offers to protect your privacy against intruders. The features of this apps are so amazing that you’ll fall in love with it. Worried when someone borrows your phone? Now there’s no reason for your fear. App locker by migital locks system apps as well as downloaded apps to protect your personal media from unauthorized access.


  • The best feature of this app is that it cannot be easily uninstalled by intruders.

  • It provides complete security on a system as well as downloaded apps.

  • You can hide your entire gallery or selected images with the help of this app.

  • It provides two types of locks pattern and numeric pin. It also has a widget for easy locking/unlocking.

  • You can easily encrypt all your media with just a tap.

Gallery lock app helps you in hiding your private/sensitive pictures and videos. It’s a complete solution for your privacy protection. You can conveniently hide and lock away your gallery and no intruder can access it. You can even hide the launch icon so that no one knows that the app is even there.


It enables you to hide your photos & videos. Gallery app also has a stealth mode which hides the launch icon. When 3 password attempts fail, the camera takes a selfie of the intruder. The photos can be backed up on Google Drive or Dropbox. It can’t be uninstalled by intruders.

Folder Lock is a simple yet powerful locking app which allows you to password-protect your files, photos, contacts, wallet cards, videos, documents, and much more on your smartphones. It has a simple and intuitive interface. It allows you to transfer files from Gallery, Camera and your browser.


It not only protects your gallery photos but also some selected files, documents, wallets passwords and important credentials. You can choose from a variety of locks to encrypt your data, via pattern, pin and fingerprint lock. It has an intruder selfie feature which takes picture of the attacker after three unsuccessful unlock attempts. It also has a panic button which allows you to switch between apps immediately after you shake your phone.

Private zone app is a one-stop solution for all your security needs. You can encrypt all your private folders, files, and pictures from any unauthorized access. You can even customize your lock screens. It supports a variety of encrypting methods like a pattern, pin, and fingerprint.


It enables you to encrypt your social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can hide selective media from your gallery and hide it in the vault. You can either use a pattern or numeric password for locking/unlocking apps. It also supports fingerprint locking too.

Calculator is an app that has a secret Vault which enables you to secretly hide pictures, videos, and other apps without even being noticed. These files will be stored in a vault and can only be accessed after you enter a numeric PIN in the calculator panel of this app. The calculator is just a disguise for gallery vault.


This lock app can be customized with various skins and themes. You can easily manage, delete, remove or move these pictures to or from this vault. This app is secure and can not be uninstalled by strangers.

Supports fingerprint unlock by biometric sensor supported devices. It has intruder selfie mode which captures a picture of attacker after failed attempts to unlock.

It is not just a gallery locker app, this app allows you to encrypt all your audio, video, picture files as well as the applications. These apps include all the downloaded as well as system apps. IT is compatible with all android devices.


It allows you to lock all your apps, pictures, videos and even the mp3 files. It locks the apps automatically after a sleep time or as soon the screen is locked. It provides a new level of security to your private data.

LOCX locks the applications on your smartphone and has a vault for pictures. It helps in locking apps, personal photos, videos, messages, social media accounts and much more. It can be completely customized in a very fun way.


It has an app lock which protects the unauthorized access to your apps. You can easily move to and from it’s easy to use the app. It supports fingerprint lock for supported devices. This app contains numerous themes and designs.

Vault is a simple mobile app that is designed to protect and hide private photos, videos, messages, call history and contacts present on your smartphone. It has a fake app cover for disguising the hiding app as something else. So that the intruder never knows that the encrypting app is even present.


It protects your privacy by encrypting the apps that are user sensitive. It locks and hides all your call logs and contacts to protect them from unauthorized personnel. It has a vault that hides your private/personal pictures. This app takes intruder selfie whenever an attacker fails three times in providing the correct password.

Keepsafe secures all your personal photos/videos by locking them under password protection, pin, and fingerprint encryption. It is considered to be the best app for hiding private pictures/videos. With the help of Keepsafe, you can easily protect your privacy and save phone space as well.


This app has numerous useful features like private cloud backup, intruder selfie, app disguise mode and much more. This app also possesses a unique feature, that is when you put it with the camera facing downwards, it automatically locks everything that you want to encrypt.

This is another gallery hiding app for protecting personal pictures and videos. The data can be encrypted by a PIN or a pattern lock. You can save and hide images saved from web pages that too in an incognito mode. It allows you to manage all albums of your gallery easily and move pictures easily.


This is yet another privacy app which allows you to hide your gallery contents from the ones you don’t wish to. This app contains different lock methods like PIN, pattern, and fingerprint. It also has intruder selfie mode which quickly takes the picture of an attacker after failed attempts at decryption. This app also contains fake app cover for disguising as a different app.


No matter how “smart” your phone is, the personal data that’s inside it, is always vulnerable. Therefore you need top of the class security for all your personal stuff. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose what’s best. Apps Lock & Gallery Hider: AppLock, Gallery Locker provides you with everything you need, all in one place. It has all the necessary features that make it #1 Privacy lock app.


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