WOW Top 10 - Best Apps For Calories Counting

WOW Top 10 - Best Apps For Calories Counting

Tracking calories has never been so easy, introducing calories counter by MevoFit. It's a one-stop solution for all your fitness related goals. Download it for a successful weight loss program! This app is helpful for your fitness goals in numerous ways like it helps you in tracking your calories, exercise, and weight. It's simple and intuitive interface makes it the fastest & easiest food tracker.


A. Calorie counter app gives you access to amazing features like diet planner, workout planner, a macro calculator and much more.

B. You can get a personalized daily calorie goal based on the requirement of your body. It has a food database with over 500K items.

C. It allows you to set meal reminders to keep your diet on track.

D. It? not just a calorie counter app, it also has a step tracker which tracks your activity throughout the day,

E. The database contains 350+ exercise variants including running, walking, swimming, Zumba, etc.

It's a fun to use and effective weight loss program. Just download the app, set your goals and preferences, and track the nutritive value of everything you eat while following a diet. It? simple: You use it, you lose it. You just need to enter your details and target weight, and this app will calculate the daily calorie budget best suited for you.


You can log food by simply taking a photo, making it easy to track diet and macros. It helps in connecting with tracker devices like Fitbit trackers. It also has a serving size guide, designed to make your diet goals more precise. It contains a meal planner to ensure that you never lose your track.

This is an interactive app which is always ready to help. Just set the target weight, and the app creates Calorie Budget and recommends nutrient targets. You log foods and exercise, the app advises how you should stay on target.


It allows you to track all the measurements of the body, daily steps, hours of sleep and workout, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, A1C, cholesterol etc. Contains detailed nutrition labels and food Score which help you in choosing better foods. Displays interactive charts for weight plan and other data.

This app is created by the famous It's not just a simple calorie tracker but also has hundreds of recipes to choose from. It doesn't only track the calorie intake, but also tracks your physical activities like biking, running, exercises, etc. I


t helps in keeping track of your weight and progress over time, it reviews detailed data, daily goals for your nutritional intake of macros like protein, fat, carbs, fiber, sugar, etc. You can also set meal-time reminders to keep you on track.

Fitatu is yet another calorie tracker with some outstanding features like macro-calculator, calorie counter, meal scheduler etc. It also has some unique features like you can synchronize it with Google Fit, Apple health etc.


It synchronizes automatically with apps like Google fit, apple health, Nike-run etc. Its database contains more than 500 exercises, however, you can add your own exercises and training sessions. With Fitatu, you can schedule up to 6 meals. It manages measurements, body weight and tracks progress over time.

Lifesum is a diet planner suitable for different goals, whether it's weight loss/ gain or management. It helps in keeping a log of your exercise, diet, calorie intake and much more.


Its macro-calculator helps in maintaining and keeping a track of everything you eat. It also has a meal planner which helps in planning your meals accordingly. You can track your daily nutrient intake at a glance. It can be integrated with Google fit and S-health to synchronize and analyze your overall data.

Simple Macro is a simple calorie tracker to manage calorie intake along with the track of macronutrient distribution. Diet is considered to be the most important part of any fitness regime, whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle. Tracking your macros along with calorie intake has been simplified to a great extent by a Simple Macro calculator.


You can set the macro intake by percent of calories they contribute. You can also add food items that you like, in your favorites so that you quickly add the macros from the food and get on with your meal. The macro goals, as well as the macronutrients you've already had, will be displayed on home-screen for a quick peek.

Track calorie-counter is a fitness tracking app which was developed by a team of certified dietitians. While making fitness tracking a daily habit, it manages your diet so effectively that you easily achieve your health goals easily.


It helps you in creating custom recipes from a list of given ingredients, you can easily share/export your data in form of excel spreadsheet. Helps in tracking the progress with the Stats view, It also supports Fitbit synchronization.

Macros diet calculator helps you in calculating your overall calorie needs and percentage of macro-nutrients best-suited for your goals. Whether your goal is to maintain weight, lose weight or gain weight Macros calorie counter is one for all solution to your fitness needs.


It allows you to create your own custom diet plans by adding meals of different ingredients to fulfill your calorie/nutrient requirements. It has a BMR calculator so that you always know accurate calorie requirement of the body. You can also calculate your body fat percentage based on your BMI.

Food Diary is a diet logging app and a calorie counter. It helps you in losing/maintaining weight, or even gain weight through calorie counting, it provides diet recommendations according to goals as well as health conditions like people with diabetes, Celia disease, lactose intolerance etc.


It has a simple and powerful design, which makes adding entries very simple and intuitive. It doesn't require personal data or contact information. It contains thousands of items in its database: Food items contain information about serving sizes, macros like calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Content is available off-line. You can even customize daily reporting.


Calorie counting is a crucial part of your diet regime because it ensures precision in your macro intake. But, just a calorie calculator isn’t enough, is it? Calories Counter & Diet Plans By MevoFit is power-packed with various useful tools like step counter, meal scheduler, exercise tracker and much more. Its vast database contains more than 500K food items and 350+ exercise variants from different sports. This health & fitness app is a complete solution for all your fitness needs ensuring that you stay on the right track and always at your best. This truly is the #1 fitness app/calorie counter app in app-markets.


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