Wow Top 10 – Best Apps for Photo Editing

Wow Top 10 – Best Apps for Photo Editing

Be gentle to your photographer, they have the power to kill and embrace your story. Choose your Photo Editor wisely if you truly want to admire how others see you in a timeline.

A click with a camera is human, to edit is divine! A clear picture gives a clear message to your followers. Photo editing is a crucial part of a splendid photography. Throw a graceful impact at your pictures, remove the blurry backgrounds and retouch your images for Android and iOS mobile phones at Presenting wow top 10 photo editing apps for Android & iOS.

#1. Photo FX: Photo Editor - Collage, Frames & Effects: Photo FX: Photo Editor Collage, Frames & Effects

Photo editing is an important part of photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or just a social media enthusiast. If you want the picture to deliver your message to the world, then you must enhance it in every way. Photo FX app by Migital provides the best in class tools to accomplish this. It has the best photo editor with various filters and visual effects.

You can download Photo FX App on google play store.


It has an impressive interface that is extremely easy to use. It has a variety of tools that help you greatly while editing /enhancing your pictures. It has hundreds of visual effects to add in your photos, numerous stickers and emoticons to include in the picture for giving it a fun look.

This app allows you to import pictures directly from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, and edit them. It allows you to make extremely creative collages that are sure to capture the eye.

#2. Facetune:

Facetune is a photo editing app that transforms your face like never before. It edits your face and makes it flawless by it’s makeup tools like, blemishes remover, teeth whitener, dark circle remover and much more. It provides “Hollywood” like makeup on your regular selfies, so that you look your best in every picture.


It has various face correcting tools like blemishes remover, scar remover, Teeth Whitener and complete beautification tool. This app transforms your regular selfies into professional ones. Your photos get a professional touch and it also has a lot of filter options to choose from. You can also make beautiful collages from this app.


There’s nothing more annoying than photo-bombers which ruin a perfectly timed photo. This app allows you to remove unwanted elements from your photo like telephone wires, post boxes, power lines etc.


It can remove all the unwanted elements like post boxes, trash cans, telephone and electricity lines in an efficient way. You can get various filters and visual effects in this app that is enough for giving an artistic finishing touch on your photos.

#4. Photo Studio PRO:

The photo studio is a multi-functional photography app which has a professional set of tools which are capable of transforming your normal looking pictures to professionally clicked pictures. This is one stop solution for all your photo enhancing needs.


This app is stuffed with features, it has a photo blender which merges two pictures together for enhanced creativity. This app also contains 200+ filters and visual effects that are amazing for giving your picture a change. It contains a large collection of frames too, to give your regular photos, a unique and interesting touch. Now your photos can be in the limelight too.

#5. YouCam Perfect - Selfie Photo Editor:

YouCam perfect is a photo editing app, that is totally dedicated to editing selfies. It has numerous filters that assure a unique touch in every photograph. The unique features of this app maintain a luminous effect on your face in all your selfies. This is to make sure that you look bright and beautiful always.


YouCam app comes with some unique features like background editing, advanced beautification mode etc. It also has a lot of filters to choose from, moreover you can add frames, stickers and draw over your photos. This app can also help you with making beautiful collages.

#6. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App:

PhotoDirector app is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the play store. This is an amazing app that provides you with a bundle of photo editing tools that can enhance your image from every aspect. You can adjust RGB balance of your photos, their temperature tone, gradient and saturation, and the color/contrast balance.


This app has the most useful photo editing tools that you can think of. It has background editor that helps in removing unwanted elements from your picture background. It can enhance color , contrast and sharpness of your picture along with the gradient and saturation properties. It enables you to transform your photo using professional effects like HDR and Vignette.

#7. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor:

Pixlr photo editor is also ranked among the top ranked photo editing applications. It has amazing features that makes it stand out of the crowd. These features include picture enhancement, morphing, blending and background changing tools. It also has the blur focus effect which gives it a professional touch.


Pixlr has numerous filters and lenses that gives your photos a unique look at every click. It has a photo blending feature which allows you to blend two images for enhanced creativity. It allows you to adjust the color balance, tone, gradient and exposure of your photos. Pixlr provides you with various frames and stickers for photos for more fun effects. It allows you to import images directly from yout social media accounts.

#8. Photo Editor by Aviary:

Aviary photo editor is a picture customizing app that allows you to transform your photo in multiple ways. You can remove all the flaws from your face and you look your best in every shot. It has blemish fixer, red eye removal, teeth whitener, and scar remover. It transforms


The useful tools of this app include cropping, rotation and straightening tools. It lets you adjust color, brightness and sharpness. The most unique feature it offers is, one-tap auto enhance which automatically enhances the color, brightness and contrast of your pictures. It also has a meme maker which allows you to make funny memes and post them on your social media accounts for a fun.

#9. InstaBeauty -Makeup Selfie Cam:

It is a selfie beautification app which helps you to look your best in every picture. It has face healer which removes all the facial flaws that ruin the picture. It also beautifies your picture like whitens the teeth, smothens the skin texture and much more. It helps you in creating the most creative and beautiful collages.


It has a real-time makeup effect which gets rid of unwanted facial flaws and details while taking a selfie. It enhances the facial features like color of teeth, lips and skin tone. It also enlarges the eyes and beautifies the hair texture, for professional touch in your photos. This app is sure to help you in stealing the limelight on social media.

#10. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor:

Airbrush photo editor is a simple yet effective photo-editor which has beautification features like blemish remover, spot remover, teeth whitener and scar removal tools. It illuminates your face and enhances the glow and radiance, so that you steal the limelight on every social media channel.


It has some advanced retouching features like HD photo enhancement, gradient graph transforming tool, and much more. It can enhance color , contrast and sharpness of your picture along with the gradient and saturation properties. It enables you to transform your photo using professional effects like HDR and Vignette. You can get various filters and visual effects in this app that is enough for giving an artistic finishing touch on your photos.


In the time where digitization is a main source of communication and content sharing, photography & editing apps has gained a special attention. An ideal photo effect is what your profile seeks especially when you are in a crowd competing with millions of social media celebrities. Hence, having a perfect image and a photo frame editor can offer a stunning appeal to your image.


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